Monastic tea - true or divorce? The whole truth about monastery tea

Is monastic tea true or divorce?

In modern conditions, people in the fight against various diseases resort to the help of folk remedies, including monastery tea. In fact, this drink is healthy, but not as much as the manufacturers claim. In today's article, you will find a story on the topic "Monastic tea - is it true or divorce?".

Real monastery tea is an herbal tea that is brewed and drunk in the treatment of a whole list of diseases. At least, sellers say this.

Experts say that in some modern monasteries such a drink is really sold, however, without pronounced healing properties. He is slightly capable boost immunity and help in the treatment of certain diseases. This is where the healing properties end.

A variety of opinions and statements inspired me to write an article. I’ll figure out if the monastery tea is really characterized by enviable healing power or is it a divorce.

The composition of the monastery tea

The inhabitants of the monasteries have a hard life. It is accompanied by hard physical work and harsh fasting. At the same time, the monks voluntarily give up many benefits. They maintain strength of spirit and health with the help of a unique drink - monastery tea.

To prepare the elixir, they use herbs, leaves and fruits of plants. The composition is determined by the functional purpose and variety of species of herbs and plants that grow on the territory of the monastery.

Only knowledgeable people procure raw materials. They carefully select the fruits, shoots and leaves of plants and carefully dry them. After that, dry raw materials are thoroughly crushed. The result is tea with a tonic and firming effect.

The composition of the monastery tea may include thyme, strawberries, blackcurrant, chamomile, eucalyptus, hawthorn, oregano, rose hip and other ingredients.

Expert Opinion on Monastic Tea

Experts openly declare that marketers, seeking to sell products, endow them with positive properties. In the list of such goods and monastery tea and liquid chestnutthey say that help lose weight, get rid of bad habits and even cure the disease.

However, not a single fact of weight loss or cure of the disease through monastic tea was recorded, which managed to find confirmation. On the Internet it is impossible to find positive reviews by reputable experts about this drink. The reliability of the reviews of ordinary users is in doubt.

Of course, in the olden days, people widely used monastery tea as a fortifying agent. You can’t argue with that. However, drinking it for weight loss or fighting alcoholism makes no sense. The words of marketers are a planned ploy.

The use of monastery tea

Green leaves of monastery tea

To begin with, I will consider the general principles of preparing a drink, and then dwell on variations of recipes oriented to use under certain conditions.

Brewing tea is taken in a standard teapot. 200 milliliters of boiling water is enough for one spoon of tea leaves. After filling the herbs with water, wait a bit and let the drink brew. It is better to store this "universal" elixir in the refrigerator, up to 48 hours.

I note that the collection includes active substances. Before use, I recommend that you consult your doctor.

Drinking monastery tea is prohibited for people with individual intolerance to the ingredients that make up the composition. Girls in the situation are undesirable to use, and children are allowed from the age of 12.

When a person seeks cure diabetes, to end bad habits or to correct the figure, he resorts to the help of various means. The Internet is full of laudatory reviews of the miraculous monastery tea, which are talking about high efficiency. Note that reviews are not supported by anything.

Monastic Tea Against Smoking

According to manufacturers, with the help of this herbal tea you can easily get rid of bad habits. We will analyze the composition in detail to find out if it is possible to solve the problem of smoking with a drink.

  • St. John's wort and Lungwort. These common herbs are used in alternative medicine and have anti-inflammatory effects on the body.
  • Comfrey root. Highly effective anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Linden flowers. Help with chronic coughwho constantly accompanies smokers.
  • Mullein. It has an expectorant effect, removes sputum and mucus from the lungs. Helps cleanse the respiratory system of tar and toxins.

Having carefully studied the composition of this collection, we can confidently say that there are only two valuable components in it - linden flowers and mullein. These herbs cleanse the lungs, which makes it easier to fight nicotine addiction. Sold in pharmacies in a separate form at a much lower price. The remaining components in the fight against cigarettes do not play a role.

From alcoholism

Freshly Picked Tea

Alcohol addiction is a serious chronic disease. Relatives of an alcoholic are making incredible efforts to wean him from alcohol. Even unconventional remedies are used that pose a threat to the body.

Manufacturers of monastic tea claim that the drink is a highly effective anti-alcohol remedy. According to them, tea can reduce the craving for alcohol, relieve withdrawal symptoms, remove toxins from the body and improve liver function. Is it possible with it stop drinking in real?

  1. Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Thyme and Hypericum. These components of the collection are characterized by anti-inflammatory effects and reduce intoxication of the body.
  2. Succession. Increases immunity and accelerates wound healing. During the fight against alcohol dependence, they are used as an adjuvant.
  3. Butterbur. The plant causes a strong reaction of the body to alcohol. If used with alcohol, messengers appear severe hangover.
  4. Oregano. There is no better sedative. When a person refuses alcohol, stress overtakes him. Grass helps to cope with it.
  5. Meadowsweet and hawthorn. Improve heart function and reduce the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke.

Monastic tea from alcoholism has an effective composition. True, some plants are poisonous and the body's response to their effects is unpredictable. Therefore, it is better to use tea as an adjuvant.

From diabetes

Diabetes - a serious illness. According to doctors, there are 400 million people with this diagnosis on the planet, and the number of patients is constantly and rapidly growing.

Living with this ailment involves following a strict diet, pills and injections. Monastic tea sellers claim it helps to get rid of diabetes forever. Is it so?

  • Burdock. Reduces the likelihood of a sharp jump in glucose. For diabetics, it is extremely important because it reduces the risk of hyperglycemic coma.
  • Blueberries. Natural antioxidant. Improves vision and lowers sugar.
  • St. John's wort and chamomile. Anti-inflammatory effect. Relieve stomach cramps and improve the digestive system, which is useful for diabetes.
  • Dogrose. It stimulates the heart, is saturated with vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system.

Having carefully studied the composition, we come to the conclusion that this kind of monastery fee is suitable for use in diabetes only in the form of an additive.Before use, be sure to consult a doctor. It is impossible to cure diabetes with its help.

For weight loss

Each young lady seeks to have an ideal figure. True, one does not always want to work on oneself. Therefore, girls buy all kinds of teas, fees and pills in pharmacies that help, if you believe the ads, lose weight, to remove the hips and make the figure slim.

This is known to the producers of monastery tea and they do not miss the opportunity to earn. On the Internet you can easily purchase a monastery fee for weight loss. We can only figure out if it is effective.

  1. Fennel and chamomile. Anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive system. Digestion is good for losing weight.
  2. Hay grass. Laxative.
  3. Linden and mint. Due to the diuretic effect, excess moisture is removed from the body. The role of this process in losing weight is extremely important.

Based on the composition, we conclude that weight loss is provided by removing fluid from the body. This is a dangerous process, because along with the liquid beneficial substances leave the body. Without consulting a doctor, using this collection is unsafe for health.

From parasites

The description of the corresponding monastery gathering says that it is an effective remedy against parasites. At first glance, it may seem that tea consists of secret herbs, of which the scientists are not aware of anything. In fact, the composition includes plants that are easy to assemble on their own or purchased at a pharmacy.

The list of medicinal herbs is presented: camomile, yarrow, marigold, wormwood, peppermint, birch leaves and oak bark. After studying the composition, faith in a miracle quickly disappears and for good reason.

Experts say that none of the components can remove worms and other parasites from the intestines. They are also useless against bacteria, fungi and viruses. With the help of collection, it is impossible to restore internal organs that are destroyed by parasites. There is only one conclusion: divorce.

In conclusion, I add that manufacturers on their sites recommend using the tea produced in the monastery even for the treatment of prostatitis, regardless of form. At the same time, doctors note that acute prostatitis is accompanied by severe pain and poor health. Therefore, in such conditions, a man is not up to tea.

With a chronic form of prostatitis, the drink will also be useless. If advanced medicines cannot cope with this ailment, what can we say about this "hack", which is "sucked in" for a lot of money. Perhaps this tea is able to facilitate the course of the disease, but clinical agents provide this effect. Moreover, their quality and origin are not in doubt. In a word, monastery tea is an additive to the main medicinal product.

Where can I buy real monastery tea

Real green tea

Practice shows that it is impossible to buy monastery tea in a pharmacy. It is not surprising, because a self-respecting pharmacist will not offer a drink of monks in return for medicine. As for me, these kinds of fees should be sold in supermarkets. True, due to the high cost, he will not be able to attract a sufficient number of buyers here. That's why such products are distributed over the Internet, where the probability of buying a quality product tends to zero.

You can get real tea only in the monastery. As you know, not every such institution has its own portal. Therefore, almost all offers on the Internet can be considered a scam.

No one can say for sure what is included in this mysterious tea sold on the Internet. Who collects raw materials and produces the finished product is also a mystery. At the same time, there are people who buy this tool and use it without any idea what it consists of.

In order not to be on the list of victims of fraudsters, before making a purchase, you must definitely find out the composition of tea and read reviews.If only laudatory odes will be found, this should immediately alert. The seller does not hurt to find out from which monastery tea is brought in order to contact representatives of the monastery and make sure that you are not being deceived.

The main problem in buying a drink is considered a large amount of deception, which it is surrounded by. The package of tea received usually indicates the name of the commercial firm, not the monastery. Often there is even no instruction for use. This means that during the advertising campaign, sellers simply hide behind the name of the monastery, which confirms the fact of divorce.

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I believe that if they really created such a healing remedy, all of humanity would know about it. Nature has rewarded man with reason so that he can distinguish truth from fiction. Do not believe advertising. As for monastery tea, it cannot cure ailments. If you want to taste it, go to the monastery in person. So you can get a quality product, and arrange a little rest for yourself.

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