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Coughing is a common reason people go to the doctor. Usually it appears as a result of a disease of short and non-hazardous nature. Sometimes a problem is a sign of a serious lung disease. Everyone should know how to treat cough at home in adults and children.

Cough - a reflex reaction of the respiratory tract to inflammatory, chemical, or mechanical irritations. With it, the body cleans the airways and protects the lungs. It does not allow unwanted particles and substances to enter the lungs, removes from the respiratory tract the secretions formed in the respiratory organs.

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A cough needs treatment, but in all cases. If appeared recently and does not cause inconvenience, treatment is optional. Let the body cope with misfortune on its own. If every day it becomes stronger and more painful, be sure to contactto the doctor and begin the treatment of the disease that caused it, otherwise inaction will lead to serious consequences.

Coughing is a common occurrence, so they do not always pay attention to it. According to statistics, 30% of the world's population suffers from chronic cough.

Most often, coughing is a signal that the system lung cleaning malfunctioning. Coughing helps to remove sputum from the bronchi. However, with a reflex view, sputum abduction does not occur. In this case, funds are used that inhibit the cough reflex in the brain.

The surface of the bronchi is covered with epithelial cells. Some cells secrete sputum, and the second with the help of small cilia remove it from the lungs along with bacteria, dust and other small particles.

Smoking, acute bronchitis and the dirty air that city dwellers breathe prevents cilia from doing the work. It’s unrealistic to purify the air in the city, but quit smoking under the power of everyone.

Viral infections are detrimental to the state of epithelial cells. As a result, a cough appears. In addition, the cause of the occurrence is often a trypsin deficiency - an enzyme that dilutes sputum, and it is difficult to leave heavy and thick sputum.

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Simple folk remedies for cough

During a further conversation, we’ll talk about treating cough with folk and medical methods at home. Not all purchased products that are available to a person are suitable for children or pregnant women. Then traditional medicine will come to the rescue.

Treatment of cough with folk remedies in children and adults

Typically, a cough appears during the cold season when viruses are activated. If the immune system is weak, the attack will begin in the warm season.

The first reason for coughing is irritation affecting the mucous membrane of the trachea, bronchi and larynx. In this case, the cough is accompanied by exhalation, which helps to release the respiratory tract from sputum, mucus, foreign bodies and bacteria.

Coughs cause colds, emotional shock, or a severe allergic disorder. Often, attacks are accompanied by lung diseases: tuberculosis, asthma and pneumonia.

Pharmacies offer different medications to treat cough. Not all funds are available in terms of price, so people are interested in the issue of treatment with folk remedies. I will share effective recipes.

  • Banana puree. Pass a few ripe bananas through a sieve, send to the pan, pour sweet hot water.For two bananas, take a cup of water and a spoonful of sugar. Heat and drink the mixture.
  • Yolks and Sugar. Rub egg yolks with sugar until the volume of the mixture is tripled. Take the drug on an empty stomach.
  • Wine and pepper. In a small saucepan, mix a glass of white wine with 60 grams of pepper roots. Boil the mixture and pass through cheesecloth. Take three times a day, preheating.
  • Bulb and goose fat. Peel a large onion and pass through a grater. Mix the resulting onion mass with a small amount of goose fat. Rub the finished mixture against cough into the neck and chest.
  • Onions and sugar. In the evening, take a large onion, chop and cover with sugar. Two large spoons are enough. Eat the medicine the next day, and drink the juice that has formed. Repeat the procedure for several days.
  • Onion jam. Combine half a kilogram of chopped onion with 400 grams of sugar, pour a liter of water and boil for three hours. Cool the liquid and add 50 grams honey. Pour the finished medicine into a bottle and take 5 tablespoons each time after eating.
  • Onions and milk. Boil two small onions in a glass of fresh milk. Leave the resulting mass for four hours and strain. Take the medicine in a spoon after 3 hours.
  • Garlic and milk. Peel and crush five cloves of garlic. Pour the resulting garlic mince into a glass of milk and bring to a boil. Take a heated mixture in a small spoon three times a day.
  • Eucalyptus inhalation. Milled eucalyptus leaves brew boiling water. Make a funnel out of cardboard and cover the container with the broth with a wide end. For a quarter hour, inhale the vapor coming out of the narrow end.
  • Lingonberry juice. Mix lingonberry juice with sugar syrup in equal proportions. Take the mixture in a spoon after a meal. The drug will improve sputum removal.
  • Milk and Carrot Juice. Mix milk with fresh carrot juice in equal proportions. I recommend using the resulting cocktail against cough 5 times a day.
  • Lard. First, thoroughly wipe the chest and rub with a piece of bacon. An alternative is a mixture of melted and pine oils.

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Traditional medicine offers a wide selection of tools aimed at combating adversity. Each of the drugs, the preparation technology of which I described above, will help improve health. If it’s not possible to prepare medicine, try drinking more warm milk or cream tea.

Cough treatment at home

Coughing is an unpleasant phenomenon that people experience. With any disease of the respiratory system, be it pneumonia, tracheitis, bronchitis or the common cold, it’s right there. There are a lot of colds and all of them are accompanied by a cough. Fortunately, there are home remedies to help overcome the attack without injections and the help of doctors.

Home remedies appeared long ago. Their use improves the condition, minimizes the use of pharmacy drugs, helps to save.

Treatment of cough at home, as well as the ailments that cause it, involves a set of measures - inhalation, rubbing, gargling, ingestion and compresses.

Drinking products

First of all, we consider the treatment of cough with drinking agents, since they are the most common.

  • Take a large black radish, cut off the top and remove the middle. Fill the space that is inside with honey. Drink the juice that stands out 4 times a day.
  • Pour a spoonful of sage grass into a small container, add a glass of milk, mix and boil. Then add a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of butter. Drink the resulting drug before going to bed.
  • Take a small spoonful of honey and butter in a glass of warmed milk. Add whipped yolk and a pinch of soda to the mixture. I advise you to drink medicine before bedtime.
  • To prepare a cough medicine, you will need honey, lemon and hazelnuts. Take the ingredients in equal proportions and mix. Take the mixture three times a day for a teaspoon, washed down with warmed milk.


For the treatment of cough, inhalations and rubbing are used. Boiled potatoes are a popular remedy. Cook in a uniform, knead, bend over the pan and breathe in steam, covering your head with a piece of cloth.

Inhalations from herbal decoctions and essential oils are no less effective. For cooking, herbs are used: oregano, peppermint, eucalyptus.


With a dry cough, sputum does not expectorate. Therefore, the disease is more painful. Fortunately, home remedies soften the dry look of adversity.

  1. Prepare a mixture of a spoonful of fennel seeds, which is mixed with mint, sage herb and chamomile flowers. Take the last three ingredients in three spoons. Pour a spoonful of the finished mixture with 500 milliliters of boiling water and leave for 40 minutes. Infusion often gargle.
  2. The preparation of the second potion involves the use of coltsfoot, violet grass and licorice root. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions. Pour a spoonful of herbs into a glass of boiling water and wait 40 minutes. For these purposes, I usethermos. I advise you to drink the finished medicine throughout the day with the addition of honey.

If treatment for cough with emollients does not work, be sure to contact the clinic. Perhaps a serious disease interferes with which it will not work at home. The doctor will examine and tell you what to do next.

Pregnancy Cough Treatment

Women, bearing a child, try to monitor their health, paying attention to protecting the body from diseases. It turns out this is not always the case. After conception, the female body changes greatly. This is due to the course of pregnancy and the development of the baby.

As practice shows, such changes have negative aspects associated with a decrease in immunity. In cold weather, a pregnant woman can catch a cold.

Coughing is not an independent disease, but a symptom that indicates the development of a separate disease that irritates the respiratory tract. Usually it causes flu, pneumonia, measles, bronchitis and allergic reactions.

During pregnancy, cough is treated necessarily, because it is very dangerous for the child. Of particular note is a dry cough in which sputum does not separate. This variety causes a woman discomfort and leads to serious complications.

Women in the position to treat cough are recommended under the supervision of a gynecologist and therapist. If necessary, other doctors are involved in the treatment process. Self-treatment is unacceptable.

During the first three months, the expectant mother should carefully choose medications. During this period, the systems and organs of the child are formed. Any intervention is dangerous if you do not use folk remedies that are allowed.

  • Herbal Inhalations. The best option is Ledum, succession, plantain and chamomile. Do not ignore essential oils from eucalyptus or peppermint.
  • Herbal decoctions. Use the plants listed above inside. Brew a tablespoon of the plant in a glass of boiling water and take it three times a day.
  • Cabbage leaf compresses. Spread one large sheet of honey and put it on your chest overnight. To prevent the sheet from sliding, secure with a towel.

Folk remedies against cough are not always effective in the case of pregnant women due to weakened immunity. Pharmacy drugs cannot be dispensed with. Take them only after consulting a doctor, and warm blanket let it be at hand.

Starting in the second trimester, women in a position are allowed to take pills and syrups, which makes treatment easier. They are used when traditional medicine is powerless.

  1. Remember, the pills prescribed by the doctor are allowed. This is not to say that this dosage form is preferred, but sometimes you can not do without it.
  2. It is allowed to drink pills of plant origin, based on medicinal marshmallow, thyme or primrose.
  3. There are fewer restrictions on the use of syrups, but more choices.

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Pregnancy Cough Treatment

There are things that women are forbidden to do in the position. We are talking about taking a hot bath, setting mustard plasters, using illegal drugs, conducting inhalations if the temperature is high.

How to treat a cough in a child

Coughing in children is common because their immunity continues to form. If there are children, they probably noticed that it is difficult to cure a strong cough. The endless feeding of the baby with pills and syrups brings a temporary effect, and in a few days the misfortune returns.

Often parents give up because they cannot help the child. The kid is tormented, sleeps poorly and sheds weight, is that bad. To root out a problem, find out what caused it. Cough - a protective reaction of the body, cleansing the airways from germs and foreign objects. Cramping is a symptom of acute respiratory infections and tuberculosis. It is not a symptom that is accepted to be treated, but the main disease that causes a cough.

Often, children's doctors caution parents against enhanced treatment. This is because coughing helps to extract harmful substances from the baby’s respiratory system. And not all drugs are allowed for children.

An exception is a dry cough. It is recommended to deal with it by all means, since it does not perform protective functions and worsens the patient's condition.

  • Often the cause is a respiratory illness. Therefore, I advise you to get rid of the symptom through treatment. Often, even after full recovery, the child continues to cough. In this case, alternative medicine will come to the rescue.
  • During the treatment of the child, dress warmly. Optimal solution - knitted wool socks combined with a warm vest. This tandem will warm the body and protect against diseases.
  • Do not forget about folk remedies, including tea with jam and milk with butter and honey. Natural remedies dilute sputum, and their taste is pleasant to children.
  • Usually a cough worsens in the middle of the night. It does not hurt to give the child a warming compress before going to bed. For these purposes, a cabbage leaf smeared with honey is suitable. The main thing is that the child does not have an allergic reaction.
  • Another way is inhalation, which involves the use of mineral water and a special inhaler.

I hope the short story about the treatment of coughing in a child turned out to be interesting and informative. If the child is coughing badly, take him to a doctor.

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How to cure a child quickly, how to do it right.

Children's body is very fragile. If diseases and their symptoms are not eliminated in a timely manner, this will turn into unpleasant consequences in the future. Parents want this the least.

It is unpleasant when the attack manifests itself in the late evening. I want to sleep and relax after a hard day, but it doesn’t work out. Start the main treatment in the morning, and in the evening give the cough the first fight with warming procedures of an emergency nature. Resort to them if there is no temperature. We are talking about mustard plasters and pepper plasters. Also steam your feet and put on warm socks. Immediately after the procedures, lie down on the barrel.

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I hope these tips will help cure cough at home. I wish you good health and good mood. See you!

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