Bronchitis - treatment with folk and medications

Preparations for the treatment of bronchitis

Bronchitis is a disease accompanied by inflammation of tiny bronchi in adults and children. Traditionally, the disease is promoted by cigarettes, weak immunity and sudden hypothermia. Everyone can face a problem, therefore it is better to know how to cure bronchitis with folk remedies at home.

You can resist the ailment at home with the help of pharmacy medicines and folk recipes. A quick recovery will bring only an integrated approach.

Acute bronchitis is called inflammation of the bronchi. Often the disease affects children and people of an advanced age. Viral infections cause the disease, but often the cause of acute bronchitis is bacteria, allergic reactions and respiratory tract irritation with gases and chemical compounds that are harmful to health.

The main symptom of chronic bronchitis is a continuous cough, accompanied by the separation of mucus in large quantities. As adversity develops, it becomes more difficult for the patient to breathe, especially during exertion. Later, due to a lack of air in the blood, the skin acquires a bluish tint. Often there is swelling of the body. The chronic form has fatal complications: emphysema, congestive failure.

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If the body temperature has increased, disability has decreased, weakness and a dry cough, which eventually becomes wet, are tormented, it is likely that this is bronchitis.

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies

Chamomile vs bronchitis

Let's look at how to treat bronchitis with folk remedies at home. Tips will help to improve well-being and overcome the misfortune.

Treatment should begin with bed rest, warm drinking and a complete rejection of cigarettes. To speed up recovery, you should resort to time-tested folk recipes.

  • Sap. Pour a glass of beeswax, vegetable oil, honey and gum into a medium saucepan. Melt components, but do not bring to a boil. The output will be a liter of the mixture that you have to drink. Drink a small spoon on an empty stomach, washed down with tea or warmed milk. Keep the product in the refrigerator.
  • Bananas. A starchy product that softens coughing attacks of bronchitis. Mash a few bananas, steam with boiling water, add a little sugar and eat.
  • Herb tea. Mix two parts of black elderberry with part of hay fenugreek, four parts of linden blossom, the same amount of tricolor violet, one spoon of fennel fruit and three spoons of licorice root. Pour a spoonful of the mixture with a cup of boiling water, leave for an hour and take half a glass about 6 times a day. The tool will help beat cough and improve the condition.
  • Anise. 250 grams of aniseed seeds pour 0.85 liters of water and boil a little. In the prepared strained broth add a little honey, a little strong wine and a spoonful of eucalyptus oil. After mixing the broth, drink one spoon after three hours.
  • Plantain. To combat bronchitis as an expectorant drug, you can use a mixture consisting of honey and plantain juice. Mix the ingredients in identical proportions and boil for a third of an hour. Take a spoonful three times a day.
  • Herbs. If bronchitis does not leave, try mixing a spoon oregano herbs with two spoons of the marshmallow root and a spoon of coltsfoot.Pour a spoonful of the mixture with 0.25 liters of boiling water, insist and drink half a glass twice a day for 20 days. If necessary, repeat the course after a week.
  • Dandelions. You can treat the disease using dandelion syrup. To prepare, collect 4 hundred heads of dandelions, pour 1.75 liters of water, pour about a kilogram of sugar, boil and slightly darken. After filtering, add three tablespoons of syrup to tea.
  • Beer and Honey. Two tablespoons of linden honey mixed with a glass heated to 60 degrees beer and mix. Treated with the drug three times a day for 0.3 cups after a meal. The duration of therapy is 5 days.
  • Horseradish and honey. The tool helps in the fight against bronchitis and lung diseases. Four parts horseradish pass through a grater, mix with 5 parts of honey. Take one spoonful after meals.
  • Trituration. A glass of potato flowers pour a liter of sunflower oil and insist in the dark for about a decade. Before going to bed, infusion rub your chest and back, and then wrap yourself in a warm blanket.

I reviewed an incomplete list of home-made medications that help cope with the disease. But, these are the most effective recipes.

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How to treat bronchitis at home with folk remedies

The listed methods have one common plus - the absence of contraindications. Therapy is problem-oriented and will not aggravate the situation.

But remember, the material is advisory in nature and you should not neglect a visit to a doctor.

Drug treatment

Pills against cough

We consider in detail the treatment of bronchitis with medications. Pharmacies offer a huge selection of medicines of domestic and foreign production, so understanding the issue will not hurt.

With bronchitis, inflammatory processes are accompanied by spasm of smooth muscles and swelling of the mucosa. As a result, viscous mucus is produced in large quantities, and narrowed bronchi do not allow air to freely reach the alveoli. Therefore, coughing attacks appear, and breathing is very difficult.

At the beginning of the article, I said that they distinguish acute and chronic bronchitis. Most often, acute is infectious in nature and involves treatment with antibiotics and alternative recipes. The duration of proper and timely treatment is approximately 10 days. In a severe case, therapy can take several weeks. Often acute bronchitis is accompanied by side diseases, including: laryngitis, tracheitis, flu. At the same time, bacteria and viruses cause it.

Chronic bronchitis is a complication with improper and belated treatment of an acute analogue. It also causes prolonged exposure to allergenic factors.

  1. With bronchitis, it is recommended to adhere to a gentle regimen and take anti-inflammatory and expectorant drugs. The first category of medicines includes aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol, the second - ambroxol, lazolvan and bromhexine.
  2. The patient is prescribed a set of tools aimed at combating respiratory and colds. Among them are hot drinks, inhalations that make breathing easier, antipyretic drugs that lower body temperature.
  3. Therapy involves the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and medications that prevent the accumulation of mucus in the nasal cavity. If the disease is started or is bacterial in nature, the doctor prescribes antibiotics.
  4. If the nasopharynx is affected, the complex of these drugs is expanded with aerosols, including cameton, inhalipt and others. With bronchospasm, medications are taken that contribute to the expansion of the bronchi and elimination of spasms.
  5. Medications that block cough centers, with bronchitis, are used extremely carefully. Otherwise, an asthma attack may occur, caused by accumulated fluid in the bronchi, which does not clear up.

You can fight bronchitis with alternative methods and anti-inflammatory drugs, which you can buy without a prescription.If no improvement is observed, and the course of the disease is accompanied by spasms and purulent discharge, you can not do without the help of a doctor.

Bronchitis in adults: symptoms and treatment

Most often, bronchitis appears on the background of colds, including flu and SARS. The disease can be caused by exposure to chemical or physical factors of an aggressive nature. We are talking about dust, fumes of paint, acetone and gasoline.

Often the disease has a viral or bacterial nature and is accompanied by inflammation of the bronchi, which contributes to the appearance of a painful cough. This painful symptom greatly exhausts a person, and its duration is calculated in weeks.

This part of the article is devoted to the features of the appearance, development and treatment of bronchitis in adults. The topic remains relevant even in warm times, when the probability of catching a cold is minimal. It is not regrettable that no one is safe from bronchitis, it can appear at any time.

Main symptoms

  • At the initial stage of the development of the disease, a person experiences weakness, malaise, fatigue and weakness. Often the symptoms are accompanied by a headache. A few days later, severity, unpleasant pain, burning in the chest and coughing appear.
  • Coughing fits are unproductive since sputum does not stand out. As a result, they are accompanied by severe chest pain. A strong cough causes a headache, raises pressure and temperature to a subfebrile level.
  • A few days later, sputum appears, relieving suffering. A wet cough is accompanied by less painful sensations. At first, sputum is transparent, but eventually acquires a characteristic color. This indicates the mucus of the bacterial microflora.
  • The duration of symptoms in an adult is two weeks. However, in recent years there has been a tendency to lengthen the duration of the disease.

If the inflammation is transferred to the tiny bronchi, the disease can go into bronchopneumonia. In the absence of timely therapy, pneumonia may appear - an extremely serious complication.

Effective treatment

It's time to pay attention to the treatment of the disease. In each case, a specific treatment regimen is used, but the general principles of control are unchanged.

  1. First of all, you have to quit smoking, get rid of other bad habits, exclude stay in conditions with negative factors. This will increase the effectiveness of therapy.
  2. Doctors prescribe medications that dilate the bronchi, eliminate obstruction, and separate sputum. For this purpose, Theopec, Eufillin, Venterol and other medicines are suitable.
  3. The next step is to use expectorant drugs, which make the mucus less viscous and thick. Use herbal products, including Dr. IOM, Thermopsis and others. Synthetic preparations Bromhexine and Lazolvan are also used.
  4. If the body temperature remains high or increases despite the use of drugs, anti-inflammatory therapy is prescribed, which involves the use of antibacterial drugs.
  5. When the first symptoms of the disease appear, antibiotics are not prescribed. The cause of acute bronchitis is a viral infection, to which the effect of the drugs does not apply. In the case of chronic bronchitis, antibiotics are appropriate for manifestations of obstruction.
  6. Choose an antibiotic based on the type of pathogen. If the antibacterial treatment is chosen correctly, the symptoms will begin to subside after a few days.
  7. If bronchitis is caused by viruses, they are treated with antiviral agents, including Kipferon, Interferon, Genferon and others. The duration of antiviral treatment is 10 days.

In addition to the listed drugs, prescribe treatment of an auxiliary or symptomatic nature, which involves the use of cardiac and antipyretic drugs, vitamins and antihistamines.

Acute bronchitis Treatment of acute bronchitis with folk remedies and methods

An effective addition to the main therapy is traditional medicine with decoctions, infusions and herbal preparations.Mustard plasters and banks with bronchitis do not show tangible results.

Bronchitis in children: symptoms and treatment

As a rule, bronchitis affects the lower respiratory tract. If the correct treatment is not started in a timely manner, the child may have bronchial asthma or pneumonia.

Traditionally, bronchitis begins as a cold and is accompanied by runny nose and dry cough. An ill child experiences weakness, chest pain, and fever. Often, symptoms include shortness of breath.

Later, cough begins to be accompanied by sputum production. The type of disease is determined by the type of mucus. If the discharge is clear, then bronchitis is acute. Purulent contents indicate the development of chronic bronchitis.

  • It is not worth it to treat the disease in a child yourself. Only a doctor can solve a problem efficiently and quickly. A qualified doctor will determine the treatment regimen and compile a list of drugs and tablets.
  • You can fight the disease at home only under the supervision of a doctor. If the baby has a fever or a probability of the disease becoming chronic, the child needs to be hospitalized, especially if he is not a year old. At this age, the respiratory system is poorly developed and may be required to normalize the temperature injections.
  • Applying the right treatment, you can get rid of bronchitis in a child in two weeks. If after a month the therapy has not yielded results, you need to conduct additional research as soon as possible.
  • Often, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. Take drugs should be strictly according to the instructions. It is recommended to treat accompanied by physiotherapeutic procedures, proper nutrition and antibiotic therapy.
  • Ancillary drugs are given to children only on the recommendation of a doctor.
  • For children under one year of age, expectorants are prohibited. Go around and codeine medications. Do not neglect traditional medicine.
  • An excellent result shows a warm drink. To soften a cough, warm milk with a drop of honey and butter is ideal. A good effect is provided by inhalation based on herbs and soda.
  • Do not write off procedures of a warming and rubbing nature. Before going to bed, rub the baby's legs with turpentine ointment, put on socks and cover warm blanket.
  • Mustard plasters put children through the diaper, otherwise burns will appear. Applying mustard plasters on the chest in the heart is prohibited.
  • Remarkable healing effect is characterized by decoctions based on pine buds or herbs of thermopsis. The expectorant effect boasts infusions of plantain and marshmallow.

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How to treat bronchitis in children? - Dr. Komarovsky

Children are very susceptible to allergic reactions and intoxications, so be sure to consult a doctor before using folk and medical products!

Eating and drinking during illness

Against the background of the disease, the daily intake of fluid should be increased to 3.5 liters. Drinking tea, jelly, juice, alkaline fruit drink or hot milk is recommended. It does not hurt to change the daily diet, which includes more vitamins and proteins. Provide the body with useful substances vegetables and fruits.

At elevated temperatures and signs of intoxication, you can carefully resort to a little fasting, but provided that the body needs it. Remember, a diet that restricts something in the event of a disease is strictly contraindicated.

Bronchitis is a serious disease, which is often accompanied by severe complications that pose a potential threat to working capacity, health and even life. Self-treatment of the disease without a thorough examination in a medical institution and the supervision of a doctor can lead to the transition of the disease into a chronic one.

There are times when a person does not even realize that under the mask of bronchitis he develops tuberculosis or cancer. Leave the problem unattended. Treatment involves mandatory bed rest.Despite this, many “heroes” continue to work, which significantly increases the likelihood of heart complications.

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On this note, I end the article on how to cure bronchitis at home. I hope that with the help of recommendations you can quickly restore your health and return to a healthy life. Do not be ill!

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