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It is difficult to find a girl who does not have a weakness for handbags. If we talk about a true fashionista, the number of bags in the wardrobe is in the tens. In the article, I propose to figure out how to choose the right fashionable and stylish bag.

World designers delight with a variety of bags that differ by color and design. Any young lady can replenish her wardrobe with a convenient and effective bag.

  • Trending bags of geometric design. Some eminent designers play with proportions and lines, resulting in products worthy of attention.
  • Some models of bags have a geometric pattern created by combining materials of different textures and colors. The color scheme is muted, with deep shades of chocolate, beige and emerald.
  • The fashion for elegant and soft backpacks is back. Fashion designers have created products, the shape of which resembles a bag with decorative tassels, as in Oriental bags of past times.
  • Exotic theme does not intend to fall out of fashion yet. The texture under the skin of reptiles is in fashion. Fashionistas are advised to pay attention to handbags. These beige crocodile leather products add style and elegance.
  • Sets of handbags and gloves made of reptile skin are in fashion. Particularly noteworthy are accessories in a blue hue.
  • The wreath of primacy in evening fashion belongs to bags, the decor of which is similar to the decoration of clothes. Such a handbag makes the image balanced and stylish.

The most fashionable summer and spring bags

Try to find a girl who doesn’t have a beautiful and stylish handbag in her wardrobe. Designers offer fashionable bags in an assortment of models, styles and colors. Fashion shows dedicated spring-summer season, demonstrated that recent trends have changed.

  1. Long belts. A long strap makes the bag wearable on the shoulder. The list of the most visible products is presented by handbags, leather models and models with bright decor.
  2. Sacs. Previously, these bags were in fashion among people of certain professions. Today they are used by business ladies, fashionistas and students. Despite the large size and spaciousness, this bag looks elegant.
  3. Clutches. If previously clutches were taken to the theater or cinema, now they are used in everyday life. At the peak of popularity, folding products with a slot for the hand.
  4. Backpacks. The main of any collection are classic leather backpacks. They are forced to compete with bright fabric models decorated with plastic, metal or fringe. Looks attractive in the form of a portfolio.
  5. Bags, bags. Fashionistas prefer such models for spaciousness. Designers combined spaciousness with aesthetics. They used colorful patterns, embroidery, vibrant colors and accessories.
  6. Handbags with a chain. They look elegant and elegant. If in past seasons chains were decorated with compact handbags, now they show off on voluminous products.
  7. Envelope bags. Products that resemble a folding envelope are suitable for carrying documentation. Volumetric little things are not placed in them. Due to their elegance, they are used to create an evening or business image.
  8. Fur bags. The solution for the winter season. Designers decided to destroy the myth. They played in contrasts and presented in their collections models of handbags made of short pile fur in brown, beige or black.
  9. Evening clutches. They differ in chic and style. Fashion lawmakers decorated them with beads, precious stones, shiny inlays and gold embroidery.The decor is presented with metal locks and large clasps.
  10. Handbags of juicy flowers. The trend is pink, yellow and blue products, which are able to complete the creation of a summer image. If you like expressive outfits, pay attention to bags that combine several bright colors.

Fashion bags are famous for various sizes, shapes and colors. Designers worked to make the fashionista choose a bag matching the outfit.

Choose autumn-winter bags

With the advent of the autumn-winter season, when the weather does not please sunny days, women become sad and sad. To drive out sadness, they go to the store to buy handbags, because the purchase lifts the mood and activates vital interest.

If you are going for shopping, I suggest first of all finding out what fashion bags are recommended to buy in winter and autumn.

  • Kelly's bag. It gained popularity in the second half of the last century and remains a favorite accessory among women. In the trend are trapezoidal models with a hard bottom and a fastener of various colors.
  • Reptile skin. Fashionistas love these handbags for durability, practicality, restraint and luxury.
  • Handbags. Previously, people used inexpensive, socks and durable bags, bags made of pieces of carpet. Designers are returning to the roots by introducing fashionable models from this material.
  • Shopper bag. Convenient, roomy, practical and large product suitable for a woman who can not imagine life without shopping. This model will become a business card.
  • Bags, suitcases. This is not to say that such a model is suitable for any lady, but fans of non-standard gizmos are recommended to pay attention.
  • Bag bag. Atypical and extravagant accessory. Emphasize the individuality of the image and help to stand out from the crowd.
  • Bag folder. Irreplaceable and fashion accessory business woman of fashion. Due to the size and rigid frame, it retains the original appearance of documents. The owner of the handbag looks elegant and stylish, especially if she wears fashion suit.
  • Hobo bags. Stylists recommend this romantic crescent-shaped accessory to impressionable natures and dreamers.
  • Clutch Handbags. In this option, a lot of things will not fit, but it easily fits into any style: romantic, business or classic.
  • Men's style. Men's purses for women. Laconic and multifunctional product with many devices and pockets, suitable for women who prefer a business style.
  • Tote bags. Suitable for visiting the market and going to the restaurant. Ladies who are economically spending "gold reserves", I advise you to pay attention to just such a model. It features sturdy handles, a rectangular shape, several pockets and a large compartment.
  • Hippie style. A variety of colors, patterns and materials will allow any girl to find a handbag for the autumn-winter season.
  • Handbag on a chain. The model will complement any evening outfit or fashionable dress.
  • Fur. The fur will be the highlight of even a simple purse. What to say about the masterpieces presented by eminent trendsetters.
  • Messenger bag. Such options do not compete with the leaders of the rating, but to challenge their magnificence will not work.

If you make the right choice, the bag will be your best friend. For several years she will delight in the presence and give positive emotions.

Ladies Historyth handbags

The history of the women's handbag began with a pocket. Pockets first appeared on clothing during the time of Louis XIV in the 17th century. Later they took root on vests and trousers. Until that moment, Europeans carried coins in small bags. Men fastened bags on a belt, and women hid under skirt.

After the appearance of pockets, the men abandoned the pouches. Women had to develop a purse line. Usually they carried compact handbags for small things. In the Middle Ages, people kept money in a "pocket for good" on the belt.

Since then, people have been creating collections of bags that differ in size and shape. Walking of any person at that time was accompanied by a monetary chime.

In the XVII century, ladies wore woven, knitted or embroidered reticules, decorated with glass beads. By that time, the fashion had changed. Handbags were not hidden in pockets or under skirts, but demonstrated to others.

A hundred years later, cloth and lace handbags appeared under the name "Pompadour."

By the beginning of the 20th century, everything had changed. Long skirts with an interception in the knee area became fashionable. As a result, there was no space left for pockets, so the size of the bags began to increase. The beauties of those times bought large items on a long strap. So the prototypes of a modern female accessory were born.

There is a bag museum in Tokyo, which has three thousand exhibits delivered to Japan from all over the world. Here you can admire the beauty of ancient handbags, men's bags and tobacco pouches. There are similar museums in Australia and the Netherlands.

Men claim that a women's handbag is an analogue of a garage. They confirm their words by the fact that some fashionistas manage to lose a thing in a bag. Similar cases happen to men in the garage.

A bag is a practical and important thing that is present in a women's wardrobe. The accessory helps to complete the creation of the image, making it unique and sophisticated. I offer some more useful tips.

  1. Carry a bag with mood. It will charge with positive energy to the people around. A good mood will radiate satisfaction, confidence, affability and joy.
  2. There should be an option for each season. Do not wear suede and textiles in winter, since cold weather with rain and snow will render them unusable. Not suitable for winter and faux leather models. An ideal option for the winter season is a knitted, fur or leather bag.
  3. Do not try to put things in the bag if they are large for it. Buy a plastic bag, otherwise the accessory will be deformed or stretched.
  4. Go to work in public transport? Buy a dark bag, a light one will not last long.
  5. White elegant accessory suitable for walks, theaters and restaurants. He will emphasize the femininity and sophistication of the image.
  6. If you bought a regular bag, make it more beautiful through decor. With the help of a light scarf you will bring a little tenderness, sophistication and mystery to the image, and the applications will make it fashionable and stylish.
  7. Do not ignore key chains, pendants, rhinestones and beads. Any of the listed decor options will fill the image with originality.

I told you which bags deserve attention and made recommendations that will help you choose an accessory and maintain its original appearance. Enjoy the shopping!

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