How to choose fashionable women and men business suits

Woman in a fashionable business suit

A business suit is an important element of the female image. In this outfit is a real business woman. If you still go to work in other clothes, be sure to pay attention to fashion suits, and I will tell you how to choose the stylish women's and even men's business suits.

Not every woman strives for a strict image, so it is recommended to buy a suit beautiful, stylish and fashionable. A suit is a collection of things that are worn together and combined with each other in all respects.

Previously, women wore a shirt with a sundress, and after the onset of winter, this couple was supplemented with a warm casing with embroidery. Now the suit - a variety of styles and a combination in one bottle.

Modern women of fashion form suits with dresses, skirts or trousers that are sometimes replaced with breeches or shorts. A suit from a vest and shorts is suitable for a festive event, and a model from a jacket and trousers is an option for business meetings.

Consider fashionable women's and men's suits.

How to choose fashionable suits for women

In the wardrobe of any woman, whether a business lady or a true fashionista, there should be a suit: strict, loose, trouser or skirt.

  • For business women for whom comfort is important, I advise you to pay attention to pantsuits. Models are characterized by a concise design, clear lines and a calm color scheme.
  • In spring and summer in a suit with a jacket it’s hot. Therefore, designers suggest replacing the upper part with a blouse, tunic or top.
  • If you don’t like skirts or trousers, pay attention to light and beautiful shorts. However, not all authorities are allowed to appear in the workplace in such clothes.
  • Do not disregard print suits. They are made of light material and complement the image with rich tones. The top can be represented by a blouse, tunic or jacket, and the bottom by trousers or shorts.
  • Shortened and elongated trousers are relevant. Flying, narrow and straight fit is considered fashionable. Trousers are combined with a stylish jacket.
  • The suit, which includes a short narrow top, is a solution for a woman who intends to relax after a working day. There are versions for special occasions. They are strict, luxurious and festive.
  • Fashionable shades presented in gray, black, white and blue. Fashion does not prohibit the wearing of suits and brighter tones - yellow, turquoise, blue, red.
  • Stylists advise wearing suits whose top differs from the bottom in color. The main thing is that the parts are in harmony.
  • As for the fall-winter season, fashion designers recommend wearing plain suits. If you like prints, get a model that combines several patterns.
  • The list of popular prints is represented by a strip, a cage, curls of a vegetable pattern, geometric motifs.

Even an ordinary suit helps to make the image irresistible, and if you choose it correctly and in accordance with the fashion, the effect will intensify.

Fashion suits for men

Men, like women, want to look stylish. Not surprisingly, there are several shirts in the men's wardrobe. A shirt is an element of a men's suit, complemented by cufflinks and a tie.

Let's talk about shirts and find out what offers men's fashion.

  1. Shirts of different colors and styles are relevant.Designers offer shirts with high and double collars, decorated with ornaments, zippers, buttons and metal elements.
  2. Classic shirts in brown, gray, beige, black, blue or white are in fashion. They are combined with jackets or coats.
  3. Shirts with ornament or pattern look great. Such a product will appeal to a man who prefers original and stylish things.
  4. If you intend to wear shirts daily, I think the short-sleeve models are the best solution. They are decorated with ornaments and metal rivets.
  5. Do not disregard shirts of bright colors. At the height of fashion, vibrant colors along with chaotic lines, vibrant prints and geometric shapes.
  6. For young fashionistas, designers are advised to wear lightweight shirts with denim inserts. Products with silk or guipure inserts look elegant. The highlight of the year is a fruit print.
  7. The best solution for the spring-summer season will be a golden brown shirt. It can be with a pattern or plain, combined with trousers and cardigans.

With the shirts sorted out. Remember, the things you buy should be in harmony. If you liked the light shirt, pick it up bright tie. A light tie looks against the background of a dark shirt.

We pass to suits.

  • Fashion designers offer men a variety of costumes each year. Fashionable are models of free cut of light material. In this outfit, you can go on a date or in a restaurant. The main thing is to choose the appropriate footwear.
  • If you want to emphasize style, pay attention to classic costumes. Gray, brown and black models look gorgeous.
  • Fashion for single-breasted and double-breasted suits returns. The number of buttons does not matter, as well as their location on the jacket.
  • Costumes that are popularly called "twos" and "threes" look great. They are suitable for work and for walking.

Fashion provided an opportunity to purchase a fashionable suit, pick up a shirt and accessories for it. The result is a unique image.

Fashionable tracksuits for women

Previously, a tracksuit was an unremarkable thing and was a plain and simple clothes for sports. Now the development of the design of the tracksuit is carried out painstakingly.

Any girl can choose a suit to taste, which allows you to look stylish and fashionable in the gym and while jogging. I will look at trends and find out which women's tracksuits deserve attention.

The tracksuit consists of two parts. First, consider the bottom.

  1. Stylists recommend that fashionable women choose a suit that includes leggings. Such clothes are comfortable and suitable for all sports.
  2. There are many models of leggings, which differ in bright colors and interesting prints.
  3. Sweatpants were not deprived of attention either. Jerseys have an elastic band on the lower leg or ankle that prevents the trousers from slipping down during exercise.
  4. Fashion allows girls to go in such pants not only to the gym, but also for a walk. They look beautiful thanks to jewelry made by lurex and lace.
  5. Another trend of the season is shortened leggings and pants.

I hope the bottom of the tracksuit is understandable. Let's talk about trends regarding the top, which can be represented by a top, T-shirt or jacket.

  • At the peak of fashion, shortened things. A short top is suitable for the role of the upper part. A highlight are models with a wired bra that supports the chest, making it attractive.
  • If you don’t like tops, pay attention to T-shirts or T-shirts. The hit of the season is products combining bright colors and intricate patterns.
  • Zipper pites were popular, but they were unable to maintain their position. They missed forward stylish bombers and cozy hoodies. A variety of colors will help the lady choose the best option.
  • If you don’t want to spend time choosing sweatpants and jackets, buy a jumpsuit. In terms of convenience and beauty, it will not yield to the competitors described. Such a product emphasizes a graceful female figure.

If you want to choose a comfortable and fashionable suit, consider the sport that you are fond of at the time of purchase.

Fashionable tracksuits for men

Every day, every man wonders what to wear. A suit with formal shoes is suitable for work, for a social event a fashionable and brilliant outfit is provided. What about sports? What men's tracksuits are recommended to buy?

  1. Almost all men wear dark blue or black tracksuits, but they gave way to bright relatives. The trend is bright colors - orange, green and red.
  2. Tracksuits, which include shorts, are considered a novelty of the season. This option is suitable for a person with a beautiful and proportional shape of the legs.
  3. Men are advised to pay attention to suits with loose fit trousers. Tapered models are also trending.
  4. Windbreakers can be equipped with a hood and pockets. The number of materials from which the products are made, allows you to choose the best option for a particular season.
  5. A cotton suit is suitable for the heat. If the weather is rainy, put on a raincoat model.
  6. If you play sports in the winter, pay attention to the warmed models of suits. They contain a special membrane that allows the skin to breathe.

I will pay attention to the choice of men's tracksuit. As an example, I will consider the selection of a model for training in the gym.

  • Clothing should not restrict movement. The costume must fit the size.
  • Choose your material responsibly. If you practice in the gym, your skin should breathe. Therefore, I consider the best option products made of synthetic material that removes excess moisture.
  • The costume must match the sport. If you practice with yoga instructorbuy a t-shirt and zouaves. If you dedicated your life to martial arts, a suit without hanging parts is what the doctor ordered.
  • For fitness Fit sports t-shirts in combination with shorts.

Sportswear is practical, comfortable and stylish. Contrary to the listed advantages, I do not advise you to wear a tracksuit daily - this is bad taste.

How to choose a business suit

I recommend choosing a business suit carefully and slowly. First of all, make sure that the sleeve cuffs touch the wrist. After that check if your shoulders are hanging down. If they are small, you need more size.

Pay particular attention to controlling the depth of the posterior incision. If it is too deep, decency remains to be dreamed of. Massive and wide open pockets are considered an inappropriate option. Never trust the size indicated on the label. Be sure to try on clothes.

Determining whether a suit is sitting well is simple. Raise your hands and lower. If the suit has taken its initial position, the choice is made correctly. Otherwise, look for another option.

If you choose a skirt for a suit, be guided by the length and style. A short product is not suitable for a business option. The best solution is a pencil skirt.

For a business woman, straight pants are suitable, the edges of which do not reach the ground a few centimeters. Best if you buy a combed wool product. These pants look expensive and fashionable.

Fashionable business suits emphasize the status and create a chic classic look.

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