How to start building a house on your site

Construction of a house on a summer cottage

Every year, the number of people who want to build a house is increasing. The desire to do the work on their own is commendable. Since you are on this page, you are most likely interested in where to start building a house on your site.

Only specialists are understood on the issue - people who studied construction in an educational institution and have gained vast experience in practice. The knowledge and experience gained help to build houses in the shortest possible time. They know the intricacies of construction, sanitary norms and rules. Turning to such a person will receive recommendations that will help to avoid mistakes,save money and time. Do not neglect the services of a professional who have proven themselves.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Prepare a project. You can ready-made download on the Internet or order development in an architectural agency. I advise you to turn to the designer for help and create a project with him, guided by preferences.
  • Do not design yourself. Better solve the issues associated with the layout of the garden. Since there is no experience, do not predict errors, and after the start of work it is too late to make adjustments. Making adjustments after the start of construction will lead to an increase in estimates, which will hit affordably.
  • The easiest way is to use a standard project that will help you bypass the design stage and immediately begin construction. But the result that will turn out will not correspond to living conditions and domestic needs. That is why it is recommended to create a project with an architect, taking into account the number of rooms and floors, area, number of inhabitants and budget. Do not forget about the guests. If relatives often come, you cannot do without a spacious living room and an extra bedroom.
  • View of the house. Decide on building materials, the shape of the roof and building, the presence of auxiliary buildings. The designer, guided by wishes and budget, will develop the project and, if necessary, make adjustments.
  • Tie the finished project to the area. To carry out a full-scale construction project, conduct a site survey. As part of the process, take into account the influence of climatic factors, determine the boundaries of the territory and the location of buildings.
  • Construction Coordination. Get a series of permissions and documents. To issue a building permit, prepare the paper: passport, certificate confirming ownership of the site, a copy of the project, a copy of the license of the agency that developed the project, an application.
  • Get a site survey report. Solve this issue in the Department of Geo-surveillance, providing the employee with a map of topographic survey and an act of breaking down borders. If you finish building a house abandoned by the previous owner, you will need a plot plan and a land document.
  • Issue a construction pass to the site. Provide a package of documents to the appropriate authority. This is a passport, site plan, a copy of the designer’s license and the documents listed above.
  • Take a look at the fire department and the sanitary-epidemiological inspection. Together with the authorities, agree on a construction plan. Firefighters will additionally approve gas and energy schemes.
  • Start choosing a construction organization. If you intend to build a house yourself, this will reduce costs by a third.
  • Excavation. At the initial stage, level the site and dig a foundation pit. A special technique will help in this matter.It is recommended to fill the foundation immediately. If this is not done, the earth will crumble and you will have to clean the pit again, which is fraught with the loss of money and time.
  • Foundation. Pour crushed stone 10 cm thick into the pit, and pour bitumen on top. Having made the formwork, arrange a concrete pillow and install the fittings. After concrete has hardened, start building walls using blocks or bricks.
  • Walls. As part of the final stage, install the rafter system and lay the roofing material. When choosing a roofing material, be guided by fire safety and other points. Ondulin and metal tiles are popular.

Video tips from a professional

How to start building a house

I think you are convinced that on the way to the dream you will have to solve many problems before the start of construction work. When the process starts, new questions will appear.

How to plan a house

Often the layout of a private house, which during the design seems optimal, after the completion of construction work turns out to be uncomfortable. In order not to be in a similar situation, read about the correct layout of the house.

During a survey conducted by the team, it turned out that only some lucky ones could foresee everything. In all other cases, it was not without tweaks and alterations.

I hope that the experience of people, which is the basis of useful tips, will help to plan the rooms in the house correctly and you, having realized your dream, will be able to live without worries and inconveniences.

  1. Living room - the soul of the house. Not save on the area of ​​the room. Regardless of the size of the family and the frequency of visiting guests, the room should be spacious, comfortable and be closer to the kitchen. As a result, even a large company is conveniently located in it.
  2. Fireplace - the heart of the living room. Even if the fireplace is located against the wall, everyone in the room should have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the flame. Opposite the fireplace I recommend putting sofa or a few chairs.
  3. Bedroom. Consider arranging furniture. This room should have a place for a wardrobe, dressing table and bed. It is impossible to imagine a bedroom without these pieces of furniture. If you plan to equip several bedrooms in the house, make one of them on the ground floor. Surely the family includes elderly people who are uncomfortable to go up several times daily to relax.
  4. Stairs. This integral element of the interior should be comfortable, gentle and have a lot of balusters. Even if you have to sacrifice a few squares of living space, do not be discouraged. This is better than an uncomfortable and steep climb.
  5. Pantries. Provide several storage rooms, one of which should be in the kitchen. Even if the office space is small, it will become a storage for things. Do not have to clutter the house with excessive furniture.
  6. Utility room. In it, place a washing machine, sink, dryer, ironing board and other accessories, without which life does not seem to be.
  7. Hallway. Do not save on size. Living in a country house differs from urban conditions, at least in the amount of outer clothing and shoes used. Storage requires roomy cabinets and shelves.
  8. A bathroom. The cost of arranging an additional bathroom in the house is small, but having at hand an additional toilet bowl, you don’t have to constantly go down and climb the stairs.
  9. Infield. Use as living space. Provide access to the courtyard from the kitchen. In the summer, expand the space of your home with the lawn.

Remember, the house is the embodiment of a dream in which drawings and figures are not persons involved. The architect will offer a number of modern solutions, but only if you set him a specific task.

Video instructions

Where to start building a private house !?

At the initial stage, mentally enter the house, sit by the fireplace, watch children's games and imagine how comfortable the accommodation is. In this trick is the secret of the formulation of the structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of a private home

In conclusion, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a country house, of which there are many. It is about air and ecology. A country house outperforms a city apartment in this matter, but only on condition that it is located away from a landfill, highway, or chemical plant. Being the owner of a cozy house, you can keep private household, grow crops and breed animals.

The security issue deserves special attention. Thieves and ill-wishers do not deprive country houses of attention. Reliable dog in tandem with security systems will take care of the welfare of the house.

A country house is a demonstration of personality. With the help of an interesting project, materials, construction technologies and landscape design, the site is transformed into a wonder of the world. The end result depends on preferences, financial capabilities and imagination.

As a full owner of the house, you can at your discretion change the layout of the building. As for the infield, its territory can be sowed with lawn grass, decorated with flower beds and a small pool, and in a remote corner organize a fruit garden. This apartment will not offer.

Some city dwellers believe that life in a country house is devoid of comfort and convenience. It's a delusion. Technology helps even in the outback to equip a house with water supply, sewage and other benefits.

Where to start building a house on the site - Feng Shui master

It is impossible not to mention the neighbors. Living in a house, one can not be afraid of a natural disaster, like his companions, including noise and flood. At any time and without restrictions, you can listen to music, play sports, dancewithout fear of upsetting your neighbors. What to say about the ability to freely burn bonfires and cook kebab.


Not without a house and flaws. I note the size of utility bills. It is necessary to illuminate the house and the territory that surrounds. A country house is more expensive in terms of heating. But this largely depends on the type of heating system and fuel used.

To keep the house and the territory clean and tidy, we need time, energy and financial costs. We are talking about snow removal, lawn care, tree planting and site elements. But not boring, and if there is financial income, hired maintenance staff helps out.

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If you dream of a secluded, calm and measured life, at the end of construction work, appreciate the merits of a private house. I hope that the instruction will bring this moment closer and you, having gathered a friendly family, enjoy the taste of fragrant tea, sitting in front of the fireplace in the new house.

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