How to become a bitch in a short time for a man

How to become a real bitch

As practice shows, if a woman is cold and does not show sympathy, a man increases interest in her and a desire appears to know her as close as possible. If you want to join the league of such ladies, read the recommendations on how to become a bitch in a short time.

Without a doubt, sometimes such a reaction becomes a cause of chagrin. The role of the bitch requires a lot of effort. Wherein girl with a kind, gentle and loving nature, sometimes I want to be myself. If you want to win love, respect and interest, you will have to temporarily forget about these wonderful qualities.

This does not mean that from the first minute it is necessary to be capricious and waste the nerves of a man. Otherwise, you will not show yourself from the best side. How to become a bitch? How to achieve the goal in the shortest possible time?

Rules and Psychology

  • Change character beyond recognition, master the technique of acting. The second option is more preferable, since it will teach you to change masks and open yourself to a man from a new perspective. It will be much more difficult for a young person to solve your riddle.
  • Every girl at heart is a first-class actress. From childhood, women consider relationships a kind of game in which you need to regularly encourage interest in your person, and in the pursuit of attention you have to use all kinds of tricks and tricks. The main advantage of a lady is considered a mask.
  • Bitch - a woman who is able to think in cold blood. Pay special attention to the development of logical thinking. In any way, cultivate a solid character in yourself. Constantly work on appearance, develop sociability, devote time to a career and comprehensive development.
  • Intelligence and reason are two different things. With the help of intelligence, you will seem an interesting conversationalist, and the mind is considered a sign of practical thinking.
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Even failure brings experience. Draw conclusions from each event. This approach will help to understand real life.
  • Bitchiness involves a certain rigidity, sometimes cruelty. To resort to cruelty is necessary only in extreme cases. Men do not like it when their feelings are treated in this way. Ideally, learn to refuse, give hints, encourage and do it at the right time.
  • Bitch - a person who can insist on her own. If you are a non-conflict, soft and compliant girl, you have to work hard on yourself. In every lady there must be a healthy egoism. A woman must be eager to defend her interests. This does not mean that to achieve the goal will have to spoil relations with people. I recommend acting wisely, without expanding the army of enemies. Sometimes for this you will have to be kinder and deviate from the intended plan.
  • Only a confident woman can become a real bitch in a short time. Unfortunately, the world is not without envious people. Envious people seek to humiliate a person who has the desired qualities. However, most of them try not to stand out. Learn to go beyond and do not pay attention to gossip. This is your strength.
  • Do not be afraid of public opinion. Undoubtedly, it can hurt or greatly upset. You must understand that a changed character will certainly affect communication. Someone will react to this with a lack of understanding, others will approve of the change. It is important that men like to communicate with smart and strong girls, and they try not to notice the rigidity in treatment.

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Another point. Do not forget that the bitch is your role of a feelingless person acting according to cold calculation. Initially, it will benefit and attract attention.But when a man becomes attached, you become attractive to a young man and interesting, be sure to demonstrate all the femininity.

Why do bitches like men?

Woman is lying on the grass

The relationship between a woman and a man strongly resembles a mixture of ingredients, the combination of which does not always bring the expected result. Humanity has not created a universal recipe for a happy relationship, except for certain principles inherent in the adult half of the population. Among them is the widely held opinion that men like bitching. Let's see why men like bitches.

According to the encyclopedia, the real bitch is a scandalous and quarrelsome woman. But this definition does not fully comply with the modern concept.

In recent years, the image of the bitch has changed significantly, thanks to the media, television and the Internet. In the modern world, bitch is completely independent successful business womanwho achieves the goal by any means and does not tolerate disrespectful attitude.

Agree, an extremely positive image, if you do not take into account that in most cases, bitches suffer from loneliness? No wonder, not every man likes to be in the shadow of a lady. Despite the difficulties in relations, men dream of at least a short-term relationship with such a special person.

How do bitches win the hearts of men?

  1. beauty. Practice shows that such ladies monitor the appearance. Makeup, hairstyle, manicure at the highest level, the image is thought out to the smallest detail. Bitches always follow the figure. Try find a manwho will resist the well-groomed young lady in a beautiful dress.
  2. Respect. Not a single bitch will allow a young man to humiliate himself. Such girls do not forgive cheating, love punctuality on dates and put the offender in place. According to the bitch, a respectful relationship is a guarantee of stability in a relationship.
  3. Diversity. Kind and lovely women annoy men. Invariable behavior over the years will not revive relationships. This is possible due to disputes, scenes of jealousy, scandals and showdowns. Without this, the bitchy lady does not defend her own opinion.
  4. Intelligence. It would seem that the main advantage of the girl guys consider beauty. This is not true. Representatives of the stronger sex know that with a beauty, it’s good only at the initial stage of relations, when reason and logic are in the shade love and admiration.
  5. Looseness. A bitch differs from a modest woman in the absence of embarrassment in demonstrating sexuality and femininity. It is this factor that acts as the main cause of betrayal by husbands. A hot, sensual young lady is desirable, and her character does not matter.

The bitch seemed to be the perfect woman who is suitable for a long and happy family life. Why, then, young ladies that fit the description of bitch, usually alone and can not find a husband? The answer is painfully simple.

Living with such a person is extremely difficult. A small portion of the experience will benefit the male body, but constant stress leads to depressioninsomnia and serious ailments. A strong lady should be consistent in material terms, and not every man has decent income.

Video excerpts from the book by Sherry Argov "Why Men Love Bitch"

It is difficult to build a relationship with a bitch, show understanding and maintain chivalry, when remarks are constantly heard from beautiful lips, and you don’t even have to count on affection and warmth. Caught in a whirlpool of relations with such a girl, the young man realizes that he can drown and tries to swim into calm waters ...

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