How to get rid of computer addiction yourself

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Computer addiction is a pathological human passion for computer technology and the virtual world. In some cases, the dependence is so strong that a person moves away from real life every day. Fortunately, help tips on how to get rid of computer addiction on their own at home.

The problem interested scientists at the end of the last century. At the same time, computer addiction continues to expand ownership and annually the addiction of people to computers increases. The essence of the problem is reduced to the dependence of people on the Internet and games, which take a lot of time.

Such persons live in a virtual world and communicate with virtual interlocutors. A person who encounters a problem loses interest in the real world. Physical well-being worsens, because such a pastime causes severe pain in the neck and back.

With this kind of dependence, you can fight successfully if you determine the causes of the appearance and identify the first symptoms. Their list is represented by a constant desire to view mail, visit sites, read articles. If there is no way to play games or enter the network, a strong annoyance appears.

Gambling is the most common form of computer addiction. Sometimes a person is so immersed in the game that he confuses the virtual world with real life. Most often, children are faced with the problem, who are attracted to game projects with sound effects and a vivid image.

Step-by-step plan for getting rid of addiction

I will share five useful tips that will help get rid of addiction on my own, put the virtual world in the background and return to real life.

  1. Minimize the amount of time spent at the computer. At first, do not completely abandon the computer. Having learned how to dose time, improve your mental state and improve your health.
  2. Reduce your PC time gradually. Make a schedule and indicate the time during which you sit at the computer. Set an alarm and turn off the computer after a beep. At first it will be very difficult, but eventually get used to it and feel relief.
  3. A computer is a good thing, but that does not mean that it cannot be replaced with anything. Read books, chat with friends, or watch movies on TV. Do not forget to visit museums, parks, cinemas.
  4. Find a hobbynot related to computers. If a hobby is very interesting, forget about computer games and the World Wide Web.
  5. Technique can offer some good opportunities to have fun. Read literature from an e-book, listen to music on the player. If you do not like movie theaters, often appear in parks and in the fresh air. Meet friends, play sports, meet new people.

Reach the goal if you really want it. We have to enter into an unequal struggle with their weaknesses, which over the years have been greatly strengthened. But, having mastered yourself and regained control of the mind, you will gain freedom.

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How a teenager gets rid of computer addiction

Teenagers often fall into networks of various addictions, including alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.And although a healthy lifestyle is being actively promoted, society has failed to protect young people from addiction.

An additional danger is teenage addiction to computers. It is difficult to find a house in which there is no computer. What to be surprised, because the technique helps Earn Money, learn and have fun. High-speed transmission of information, communication with friends, films and games are the merit of advanced technologies that people use with great pleasure.

Everything seemed wonderful, if not for the opposite side of the coin. Unnormal craving for computers has a bad effect on the intellectual and physical health of adolescents, contributes to the destruction of the nervous system. As a result, a computer-dependent person becomes damaged and lonely.

Social networks, network games, limitless information storages and communication technologies are not all examples of what youth have access to. Against the background of the fact that the nervous system of adolescents is not fully formed and does not exclude the possibility of fantasizing and moving away from reality. It is in adolescence that a person's idea of ​​good, morality and evil develops. The information flow that comes from computer technology distorts them.

Computer addiction has many harmful aspects. In particular, it has a bad effect on posture, vision and internal organs. You can list for hours, but this will not change the situation.

I propose to consider the visible signs of the disease and determine the methods of self-control at home.

If the child is constantly sitting at the computer, eating poorly and practically does not sleep, and the marks in the school began to decline, perhaps he got into a network of computer addiction. Signs of the disease may include: lack of communication with peers in real life, irritability, indifference, and isolation.

  1. A teenager will break the shackles of computer addiction if he switches his attention to something else. To do this, make sure that a family lifestyle will help. Perhaps he is fond of computers, since you pay him little attention or do not share his interests. As often as possible, get together, go outdoors, ride bicycles or roller skates.
  2. If a family pastime is rare, you will have to change everything. To get started, talk to a teenager. In the end, he will understand that you are interested in his thoughts and deeds. Alternatively, invite your child to come up with a family event or choose place for New Year holidays.
  3. Family trips, sports, walks contribute to the emergence of new priorities and goals in life for young people. It is important that the relationship is not formal, but friendly and sincere. Remember, in most cases, children plunge headlong into the abyss of the Internet due to a lack of parental attention and love.
  4. Another reason for the dependence on the PC - a set of failures in communication with friends. In this case, help the child gain confidence and tell how to stop being afraid of people.
  5. Try to explain to the teenager that virtual life is not a way out and is not an option for solving problems. Make the child expand his social circle. Write a teenager in a circle or send to a children's camp.

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If the recommendations do not help or have little effect, contact a child psychologist for help. Do the same if teenage computer addiction is too long.

How to get rid of computer addiction to an adult

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The number of dependencies is in the tens. Some of them are simple, others are harmful. In particular, financial or love dependence is called simple when a person is financially dependent on another person or is not able to spend a minute without a second half. Addictions include alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

It is hard to say which category computer addiction belongs to. It seemed that the computer does not harm the body as much as alcohol or cigarettes. However, a permanent stay at the computer gives rise to far from harmless consequences, therefore it should definitely be fought.

If the child is excessively addicted to computers, this is understandable. If an adult looks at the monitor screen for hours, forgetting about those wonderful things that real life offers, this is a real disaster that can destroy a family.

Symptoms and early signs of addiction in adults

Let's talk about the symptoms of the disease. If at least half is present, something needs to be changed. In such conditions it is impossible find a girl or marry. Computer addiction is the path to loneliness.

  • If an adult is constantly sitting at a computer or trying to get into a computer chair as quickly as possible, he may be trapped. The patient motivates this with a serious reason - checking mail, passing the next level in the game, updating the friends' feed.
  • A computer addict has severe irritability. A disconnected Internet connection, a request for help, or a system crash can lead to an irritated state.
  • The addict focuses only on the computer; he does not control the flow of time. Even if he used to be a punctual person, now he often lingers and is constantly late.
  • The disease manifests itself and the constant desire to update the tab in the browser, even when it is not required. Game fans regularly purchase new discs or download installation files from the Internet. Often this leads to a waste of money.
  • Another symptom of the disease is forgetfulness. A person who is constantly sitting at a computer forgets about promises, appointments and work.
  • Very often addicts neglect even nutrition. If the kitchen is baked pink salmon, the aroma will not force to rise from the chair. When the feeling of hunger becomes very strong, patients manage snacks and convenience foods.
  • In the early stages of the disease, a person lingers longer in front of the monitor screen and goes to bed much later. In the future, they may not sleep for days.

I have listed the symptoms of computer addiction. Before starting treatment, determine what exactly caused the addiction - the Internet, games, or something else related to computer technology.

Methods of treatment at home

If a person is constantly playing, determine the genre of your favorite game projects. If the games are dedicated to the topic of sports, most likely, the reason for the appearance of addiction is unrealization in sports. As for the shooters, perhaps the person is fraught with anger and using the game tries to throw it out.

Some disappear for hours on the Internet. If a person constantly communicates in social networks, most likely, in real life there is not enough communication. Often, such people become a double personality, embodying ideas that previously could not be realized.

  1. If you want to solve a problem, first recognize and recognize the disease. Naturally, the addict will not do it on his own and at any moment will refute the existence of the problem. Others should help.
  2. Distract the addict. Do not do this through restrictions and prohibitions, as negative consequences may occur. Try to invite him for a walk or, for example, in Cafewhere there are no computers and the Internet.
  3. If the addiction is caused by a lack of communication, often invite guests or organize all kinds of entertainment events. This will replace virtual communication with real.

If, after a thorough analysis of the situation and the actions taken, the problem cannot be resolved, contact a psychologist as soon as possible.

If you still think computer addiction is nothing, I’ll try to convince you. Excessive enthusiasm for a computer is dangerous to health, and evidence of this fact has the following medical consequences:

  • Loss of finger sensitivity;
  • Tendon damage;
  • Constant shoulder fatigue causing viitis;
  • The appearance of convulsive seizures;
  • Impulse control impulses;
  • Mental disorder and excessive aggression;
  • Visual impairment;
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Intense headache;
  • Fatal outcome.

I hope the information presented will help get rid of computer addiction, return to normal life and enjoy what the virtual world cannot offer. Good luck to you!

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    I’m 14 and in September 2012 I bought a computer and for 5 years I played for 6-7 hours every day, now my computer breaks down and my game addiction begins to break and I feel weak when I don’t play a computer

  2. Dmitry

    Advice on how to get rid of addiction is to find a hobby. But what if your hobby is computer games or the computer itself? Vicious circle

  3. Sergey

    Everywhere they write about how to help an addicted person. I am 15 years old, I killed more than a year of my life on computer games, I try to get rid of addiction and realized that I am addicted myself (here it is written in the article that the person himself will not be able to realize). Each time I delete games from my tablet, but I am horrified how much it pulls them to download. Parents put me on trust, as well as friends (such times), so no one can help me. Give advice on how to recover, the same goes for alcohol, sweets and all kinds of junk food.

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