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Glasses with liquor

Liqueur - an alcoholic drink, the basis of which is fruit, berry or herbal alcoholic infusion. People have been making liquor for a long time. The first such drink appeared in the Middle Ages, when the monks were looking for the elixir of life.

Liqueurs are used in the preparation of cocktails, hot chocolate, ice creamtea and coffee. They are combined with many foods and drinks. You can safely include your favorite drink in the composition new year menu.

By tradition, they drink liquor in glasses or special glasses. Dishes directly depend on the fortress. Liqueurs combined with cognacvodka whiskey and other strong drinks. They are used in their usual form, often found in cocktails. Serve guests at the end of the feast.

Liquor Sheridan

What about Sheridan liquor? It is impossible to confuse it with another alcoholic drink, since it is distinguished by a catchy bottle. The originality and originality of the dishes paid off. In one decade, Sheridan has become popular. Not a single alcohol brand has achieved such recognition.

Sheridan is a sweet liquor authored by Native Irish. The fortress reaches 16 degrees. The composition includes a pair of parts. The first part is chocolate and coffee, the second is creamy vanilla.


Comes in an original bottle, divided into two sections. When pouring, the contents of the sections are mixed. Due to the special shape of the bottle and the various diameters of the necks, the parts are mixed in the right proportion. Traditionally, one black part has two black ones.

Sheridan consists of water, fresh cream, quality whiskey, chocolate, coffee, sugar and vanilla flavor. In the manufacture of preservatives are not used. Shelf life is one and a half years. An open bottle can be stored for six months.

Production was organized in Dublin in early 1994 by Thomas Sheridan & Sons. The highlight of Sheridan was a bottle developed by professional designers. During the design of the dishes, problems related to the neck appeared. The engineers could not create a system that would allow pouring the components of liquor in the correct proportions. For this reason, Sheridan’s entry into the market was delayed.

The problem was eliminated and the bottles appreciated by consumers and experts. A year after entering the market, liquor received a gold medal for an innovative bottle. A year later, he received a similar award for quality.

Rules and Recipes

Puff Sheridan - Classic Method

It is not easy for a novice bartender to cope with the task. Pour liquor to get two layers in a glass.


  1. A glass is placed at an angle of about 45 degrees.
  2. The neck of an open bottle is brought to a glass. The coffee and chocolate section is on top.
  3. Pour in a thin stream.
  4. Drink in one gulp and without snack.
  5. If you drink through a straw, start with the bottom layer.

Shaken Sheridan

Ice is put at the bottom of a small glass. Then pour the liquor and mix. Drinking such Sheridan is recommended in small sips, eating ice cream or sweet pastries.


Sheridan is combined with hot chocolate or coffee. 10 milliliters of liquor are added to the mug of the drink. Sugar is not necessary, as Sheridan is sweet.

Sheridan is not recommended to be diluted with lemon or orange juice, as the acid quickly coagulates the cream. It is not advisable to add carbonated drinks.

Liquor bailis

Baileys is a famous Irish alcoholic beverage made from whiskey, cream, cocoa, vanilla, sugar, vegetable oil and caramel.

There are types of baileys containing coffee or mint. There are no preservatives. Liquor bailis different bittersweet taste. The fortress does not exceed 17 degrees.

Baileys is the first cream-based liquor. Born in the late 18th century.

Now we’ll talk about using Beilis, where I’ll give you step-by-step tips and tricks. They serve it to the table after dinner in pure form or with dessert.

  1. Baileys is served with desserts, ice cream or coffee.
  2. Serve recommended in a liquor glass. It resembles a martini glass, but is inferior in size. The volume of a glass is 30 ml. It is used to serve the drink in its purest form.
  3. Baileys is added to coffee, replacing cream. Today, this practice is common, but is only suitable for events of an informal nature. Because Baileys is sweet, sugar is not necessary.
  4. If you want to combine liquor with another drink, take a larger glass. Baileys is often served with ice, sprinkled with chocolate crumbs on top. Often in a glass put strawberries and decorate the edges.

Appetizer is used only as part of informal meals. It goes well with meat in berry sauce, with fruit salads. Seafood or pasta is not suitable.

Sometimes Baileys is used as the main alcoholic beverage. We are talking about sweet receptions and sweet tables.

Liquor Amaretto

Amaretto is a sweet, slightly thick drink of a dark brown hue. It has Italian origin and is distinguished by the smell and taste of almonds. During the production of liquor, almonds with spices are used, which is why Amaretto has a bitter taste.

First made in Italy in the early 1500s. The author of the drink is considered a family from Italy - Disaronno. Previously, it was released under the brand name “Amaretto Disaronno”. The fortress directly depends on the manufacturer. An average of 28 degrees.

The story is beautiful and romantic. According to legend, an artist named Bernardino Luini arrived in the small town of Saronno, located in the northern part of picturesque Italy. During his stay in the city, he asked a beautiful woman to become a model for painting. They began to have mutual feelings. When the artist finished his work and was about to leave, the woman gave him a bottle with an amazing mixture, which included spices, apricot kernels and brandy. That is how Amaretto came into being.

Amaretto’s calling card is a square bottle.

There are many ways to consume. It all depends on the preferences and desires of the person. Consider common options.

  1. Amaretto is added to soft drinks, hot chocolate and coffee. Proportions are measured by eye, guided by personal preferences.
  2. Liquor mixed with cola. It turns out a liquid whose taste resembles Cherry Cola.
  3. Amaretto is drunk in its pure form with ice cubes added to a glass.
  4. Often they drink with orange juice. It turns out a wonderful refreshing drink.

Amaretto is often used in cooking, adding to desserts. As a result, they acquire the taste of almonds.

Sambuca liquor

Sambuca liquor is popular at parties and night clubs. It is present in the menu of any institution.

Sambuca is an anise liqueur created by Italians. Fortress an average of 40 degrees. Classic Sambuca is completely transparent. Often there are varieties that differ in red or dark shade.

Appeared a long time ago. In ancient Rome, Sambuca was taken as a medicine. The origin of the name remains a mystery. According to one version, it owes its name to black elderberry, which is added to liquor to balance the taste of anise. The second version says that the name of Sambuca is associated with the name of star anise, which is considered the main element.

The secret to the popularity of Sambuca lies not in the name, but in the method of use. The liquor is served in a burning form - the sight is simply indescribable.

Classic way

  1. AT brandy glass pour some liquor and add a couple of coffee beans. Then they put the glass sideways on the glass, set fire to Sambuca and wait a bit. So that the dishes with burning liquor do not burst, they scroll it.
  2. The burning liquid is poured into the lower container and covered with an upper glass. As a result, the flame goes out, and the anise vapors remain in the glass.
  3. A glass with aniseed pairs is placed upside down on a napkin with a straw. It remains to drink sambuca, bite with coffee beans and inhale the vapors through a straw.
  4. Precooled. In some cases, mixed with strongly chilled water or used as the basis for a cocktail.

Exotic way

It is called so because Sambuca is eaten with exotic fruits.

  1. The stack is placed on a napkin upside down. At the bottom, pour a little liquor.
  2. They set it on fire, let it burn and stew.
  3. Inhale Sambuca with its nose and bite a slice of pineapple or orange.

Extreme way

  1. The most brave fans set fire to a drink in their mouth.
  2. As soon as Sambuca begins to burn his lips, they close their mouth and swallow liquor.

In moderate amounts, sambuca helps to get rid of colds, improve appetite, relieve coughpositively affects digestion.

Liqueur Malibu

Malibu - rum liquor with a zest in the form of a coconut. The homeland of the drink is considered the island of Barbados. Made using natural coconut extract. Malibu Fortress - 21 degrees.

Residents of the mysterious island of Barbados shared the story of the emergence of liquor. In the distant past, under a coconut palm tree stood a barrel of rum. Coconut accidentally fell into a barrel. The result is an exotic drink.

From that moment, Malibu began to gain popularity. Nowadays, it is found in any bar, night club or store.

Serve Malibu after the main meal in special glasses. Drink slowly and in sips. It goes well with a variety of desserts. In some cases, several pieces of ice are put in a glass of liquor. At first, Malibu was mixed with lime, and only residents and guests of France and Barbados could taste the treat.

Used for the preparation of cocktails as a natural flavor and an alternative to syrups.

  1. Malibu is served with pineapple, orange, cranberry juice and milk.
  2. Liquor is combined with other strong drinks, including whiskey, vodka and cognac.

The method of drinking liquor plays far from the first role. You need to drink your favorite drink so that it brings pleasure.

Regardless of the exotic and rarity of the drink, it must be drunk wisely. Any liquor contains alcohol, and its excessive use does not lead to good. Liquor liquor, but you should not forget about a healthy lifestyle.

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