How to become the most popular at school

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Many girls want to become popular among classmates, friends, and schoolchildren. If you are among them, know that anyone can achieve the goal. You only need to know how to become the most popular in school and class.

If you can’t boast of beauty, relaxedness, charm or mind, to become the epicenter of attraction really. Believe in yourself and follow a few simple rules.

Before I tell you how to succeed and become popular at school, I’ll tell you what you should not do. Wrong actions, instead of getting the result, will doom the efforts and attempts to become popular to failure.

  1. Do not seek the location of classmates and friends with the help of flattery.
  2. Even if friendship with a particular girl or group of schoolchildren is beneficial, don’t be humiliated to create friendships.
  3. Copying the behavior of popular girls and imitating manners will not lead to anything good.
  4. Do not meet with boys in order to look worthy of attention and an interesting personality.

Schoolchildren, seeing that you are happy to fulfill their wishes and go on the occasion, will communicate, but such friendship cannot be called sincere. Do not forget that sacrificing pride and dignity, you won’t succeed in gaining real popularity in school or class.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

  1. Communicate with all your peers, not trying to join a certain group. You will achieve popularity in the event that the circle of communication is unlimited. Talk with all and do not neglect anyone.
  2. Remember, the key to popularity is goodwill. With the help of aggression and anger to achieve the goal will not work. If the character is complex, try become kinder and focus on pleasant communication and sincere friendship.
  3. Maintain a good mood. A smile will help to attract the attention of children from school, provoking them to communicate. Go to study in the mood.
  4. It will help the growth of popularity and attractiveness. In school years, boys fight for the attention of beautiful girls. Take care of your skin, nails and hair. Choose stylish, beautiful, and clean clothes.
  5. Meet older schoolchildren. Friendship with high school students is perceived by peers as an indicator of coolness. Entering trust in them, you will take the right path to the pinnacle of popularity.
  6. Engage in a fun and interesting affair. Through unusual hobby attract attention and attract interest. Having chosen an interesting occupation, be it dancing or struggle, try to succeed. As a result, there will be an incentive to share achievements with peers.

Here's how to become popular at school. Moving towards the goal, do not behave extremely defiantly, do not impose yourself and forget about constraint. Otherwise, instead of popularity, you will gain a reputation as a frivolous schoolgirl who thinks only of herself.

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Be a laid-back and natural person. As a result, peers will consider you an interesting person, a pastime with which is very pleasant. Do not copy an existing school star.

How to become the most popular in the class

All girls dream of becoming popular among classmates. Nevertheless, some girls are invited to the holidays and give presentswhile others are ignored.

If you think that popularity among peers is minimal, try to correct the situation with the help of step-by-step instructions.Following the recommendations, achieve the goal and climb to the top of popularity, which can even go beyond the class.

  • Take care of your appearance. Even if you do not shine with exceptional beauty, give the image as much attention as possible. Keep your nails and hair clean, wear neat clothes and take care of fresh breath. Agree, oily hair and torn tights will push classmates.
  • Find your style. It is not necessary to go to extreme measures involving staining the bangs green, using a large number of cosmetics and accessories. Better to dress properly. Only correctly selected gizmos will help to hide the flaws of the figure, and a fashionable haircut will emphasize the beauty of the face.
  • Actively participate in class life.. Alternatively, you can publish a school newspaper, participate in extracurricular activities, to keep a diary, come up with skits and quizzes. If acting does not shine, try to become a school director.
  • Use talent. If you know how to embroider, sing, dance or draw, use talents to arrange classmates. Invite them to the next concert or competition in which you intend to participate. As a result, classmates will be able to learn something new about you. None of the school olympiads, exhibitions or concert programs should be held without your participation.
  • Take an interest in history and the world. It will be possible to gain popularity among classmates if you can interest them. Knowledge about sports, music, fashion trends, or movie news will help. Tell classmates about interesting things, trying to keep the conversation from becoming a one-way lecture.
  • Hospitality and generosity. If a classmate asks for a book or a disc with an educational video, do not be greedy. Invite classmates to visit, entertain and treat them. If it's your birthday, try it yourself to bake a cake and treat the whole class. Demonstrate culinary skills and attract attention.
  • Define your point of view. Regarding events that occur in the classroom or at school, you should have your own point of view. Express it with reason. Respect the opinions of others.
  • Pay special attention to developing a sense of humor.. A girl who is constantly serious and gloomy cannot be seen in school or in class. Just do not overdo it, otherwise instead of a school star, you will become a jester. To develop a sense of humor will help watching humorous TV shows, reading jokes and jokes.
  • Unexpected act. You can make a huge impression on your school colleagues with an unexpected act. For example, ask a handsome acquaintance to meet you after school or drive you to the side door of the school good car. To impress with cigarettes, spirits or psychotropic substances is not worth it. They will bring only notoriety.

Agree, the steps that I propose to take to achieve the goal are as simple and understandable as possible. At the same time, they are very effective and have repeatedly demonstrated effectiveness in practice.

All children in school years try to gain popularity among peers. Especially in high school, when they begin to rapidly grow physically and mentally. Trying to get the desired status, the main thing is to prevent a serious mistake. Striving for popularity, you can make rash and ill-conceived actions, which later have to be ashamed.

What is and why is popularity needed?

While studying at school, children learn various disciplines daily for the sake of gaining knowledge. They are constantly trying to gain status among classmates and friends. There is nothing wrong if a girl seeks to gain popularity. Each person needs to get acquainted for the sake of exchanging opinions and useful data, which has a positive effect on the development of sociability, which is sure to be useful throughout adulthood.

Sociability - the ability to talk with different people without hesitation.During such communication, a person learns to understand psychology, which helps in studying, at work, and even in creating relationships.

In the article, I shared the methods of achieving popularity in school and in the class, which are widely used by teenage girls. Surely at school you saw how girlfriends, for the sake of gaining popularity and attracting attention, use bad habits. Remember, for teens, alcohol and cigarettes are forbidden things that in no way relate to real popularity.

Before you begin, think carefully about whether you need a lot of popularity. Identify the reasons why you are still unpopular. It may turn out that popularity is not needed, a couple of three good friends abound.

Do not try to change for the sake of peers. You will succeed if you can live in harmony with yourself. Time will pass, the environment will change, but you must remain yourself. Each new change will make you better and more natural.

Moving toward the goal, ask for advice. Perhaps this sounds trite, but from the side it is much more visible. Alternatively, consult your mom or sister whose opinion you value. Do not ignore the statements of close men. Only a brother or dad knows well who such a popular girl is.

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The recommendations that I shared are conditional. They will bring effect if you use them all. Confidently go to the goal, take your time and everything will work out!

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