How to become an archaeologist - a step-by-step action plan

Machu Picchu - Mecca for Archaeologists

Hello dear readers! In the article I will tell you how to become an archaeologist, consider the merits of the profession and pay attention to the history of archeology.

Archeology is not just science, it is the key to the past of mankind, which opens the door to the future. It is not surprising that many people are eager to get an education and work in this area.

Agree, archeology is an exciting and interesting profession. True, not everyone is destined to become a true archaeologist. In addition to secrets and romance, a titanic scientific work is implied.

Archeology is a historical discipline that studies the past based on material sources. These include tools of production and material goods that were created with their help: buildings, objects of art and everyday life.

The birthplace of archeology is Ancient Greece. Residents of the state were the first to study history. As for Russia, here science began to spread at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Let's talk about the qualities that a person who has decided to become an archaeologist must possess.

  1. Patience, creativity and analytical mindset. If you decide to master the profession, it should be understood that the work will be accompanied by constant business trips, processing of documents, systematization and analysis of information.
  2. Sociability. A person eager to become an archaeologist is obliged to be highly sociable. During work, you will have to exchange information with colleagues, take part in team work.
  3. Unpretentiousness in everyday life. You often have to spend the night in tents in places far from civilization. It is useful to be able to make injections and provide first aid.
  4. Good memory. Memory is considered a loyal assistant to the archaeologist.

An archaeologist is a wonderful profession that allows you to get in touch with the secrets of the past. It offers interesting expeditions, excavations of burial grounds and cities. If you're lucky, make a great discovery that will bring worldwide fame.

The ancient temple of Aphrodite

Step-by-Step Action Plan

Archeology is a specialization that is received at the university in the last year of the Faculty of History.

  1. To successfully master the profession, first get knowledge in chemistry, history, physics, and geography at the school.
  2. Get special knowledge in the field of anthropology, geology, history of civilizations and culture.
  3. You can get a profession at the university. However, it should be prepared with a secondary specialized education. More specifically, you have to go to college, choosing the specialty "History".
  4. After college, continue your studies at the university. Specialty choose related to history.
  5. At the beginning of training, become a member of a search squad or historical club. This will allow you to take part in excavations and reconstructions.
  6. Attend archaeological conferences for students and participate in international volunteer projects conducted by the Russian Geographical Community.

This article does not end there and awaits interesting information ahead. If you really want to dig, read on.

Is it possible to become an archaeologist without education?

In this part of the article, we will figure out how to become an archaeologist without education and whether it is possible. Consider the profession in more detail, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, social significance.

You can get a diploma of an archaeologist only after graduating from the Department of History.People with higher education can find work in their specialty. Only after university can you count on a career in this area. We are talking about leadership positions and archaeological supervision. Therefore, without education, becoming a professional archaeologist will not work.

An archaeologist is a person who studies the life and culture of ancient civilizations from the remains of life that have survived to this day. The main work comes down to excavations, during which he searches for sources of research.

Archeology is reminiscent of the work of a detective. This is a creative profession, since it involves the use of abstract thinking and imagination. This is the only way to recreate the picture of the past.

Archaeologists work with particles of a large mosaic, and only after collecting it completely, it is possible to solve the riddle. In some cases, it takes years to complete. However, revealing the secrets of archaeological sites is worth it.

The benefits of archeology

  1. Social significance. Archeology is an important science, revealing the secrets of ancient civilizations, studying the culture of different eras.
  2. Often during work you have to collaborate with other scientific fields. Thanks to this, the analysis of objects is simplified, research methods are optimized.
  3. Conclusion - the work of archaeologists is in demand in the world, since many civilizations and peoples have not yet been fully studied.
  4. The work boils down to the search for ancient monuments and other historical sites. In some cases, they work in museums, where they monitor the safety of objects, acquaint visitors with exhibits, conduct tours and organize interesting exhibitions.
  5. The activity involves excavation in a variety of climatic conditions. For this reason, every specialist should have excellent physical fitness, enviable stamina, good health and not suffer from allergies.
  6. Archaeological expeditions are long. Therefore, the archaeologist needs to be balanced, calm and emotionally prepared.

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We have created a big picture. As you can see, this profession is both interesting and complex. As for the answer to the question, I will say one thing - without education, you cannot become an archaeologist.

What is required

Excavations of the ancient city

An archaeologist is a historian studying the culture and life of people who lived on the planet in ancient times.

  1. Knowledge of the history of the era that is exploring. It will also require knowledge in areas related to archeology. We are talking about paleography, scientific restoration, historical chronology and geography.
  2. Disciplines should be studied that have little in common with archeology. The list of disciplines is presented by physics, textology, ethnography, statistics, anthropology and numismatics.
  3. You will have to master the skills of a surveyor and surveyor. If you intend to work in mountainous areas or under water, immersion and climbing skills will definitely come in handy.
  4. It is worth preparing not only for constant tourism and work with a spatula and brush. Archaeologists spend a lot of time in laboratories studying the finds.

To become a real archaeologist, you have to work hard. And this is no accident. The main task is to create a picture of the past based on the fragments found. And the accuracy of the picture depends on the level of knowledge of the specialist.

The found piece of dishes will not say anything. It has to be investigated in laboratory conditions, classified, restored. Archaeologists do not fantasize. They confirm the findings with undeniable evidence.

Archaeologists in Russia

The profession is very interesting, but requires wide knowledge in the field of history, a deep study of auxiliary disciplines, excellent physical preparation.

How to become an archaeologist in Russia? The answer to the question is expected below. To begin with, understand that you will have to work in difficult conditions. Before you go to university, make sure that there are no medical contraindications.

List of requirements for an archaeologist

  1. Health. Make sure there are no diseases that interfere with the profession.There should be no heart disease, hearing impairment, convulsions and hypertension. A huge obstacle in achieving the goal are: hemorrhoids, skin diseases, diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, infectious diseases.
  2. Dependencies. People suffering from alcohol and drug addiction are not destined to work as archaeologists. Strong drinks, cigarettes and drugs will have to be abandoned and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Education. Archeology is a specialization that is received at the university in the last year of the Faculty of History. The path to your favorite profession can be started from college by entering the specialty “History”. If you go directly to university after school, pay attention to the study of geography, history, chemistry and physics. These disciplines come in handy.
  4. Skills. Learn to draw and take photos professionally. These skills will make work more comfortable.

Getting an education is easy, but harder to work. Hope the post helps helpful.

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Being engaged in archeology, you will visit different parts of the world, see a lot of interesting things and get a lot of pleasant emotions. True, remember that work is also dangerous. If you don’t like extreme sports, try to find yourself in a different field of activity. Good luck

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