How to lengthen legs at home

Extend legs at home

Long and slender legs are the dream of every woman, but not everyone has been given this from birth. Short legs are not uncommon, and such a problem is relevant. Short legs - this is when the length is equal to or less than half the height of a person. If your legs are 8-9 cm or more longer than your body length, you can consider yourself a happy owner of long, model legs.

Owners of short legs recommend not to be upset because of the characteristics of the body. It is possible to lengthen legs at home visually without surgery with:

  • shoes;
  • clothes;
  • exercises.

Exercise will help to lengthen and pump up legsthat will add beauty.

Ways to lengthen the legs

In addition to special exercises and operations, there are a number of working methods.

Walk with a straight back

If you go and stoop - you will not achieve the result. Correct posture while walking will make the silhouette visually slimmer and taller, while you are confident.

To walk straight and not stoop, I recommend:

  • draw in the stomach;
  • straighten shoulders;
  • straighten your back.

Keep your head high, as if you feel pride. At first, you won’t be able to walk like that, but later learn how to quickly take the correct body position.

Go to the gym!

Exercising is good for your health and will help to make your appearance beautiful. With the help of sportskeeping fitand your legs will look slim and beautiful.


Even women with a slender figure and beautiful long legs are unattractive and ugly if they walk incorrectly. A beautiful walk is a serious matter, which I advise you to approach with literacy and responsibility. While walking, try not to turn your hips to the sides, do not shrug or mince. A beautiful walk allows you to be sure of the attractiveness of the appearance, and fully compensates for the imperfections of the legs.

Suitable shoes

High-heeled shoes help compensate for missing centimeters of legs and make them visually longer. The option works when you're wearing shoes. If you want to look beautiful and attractiveBeing in a company or at a business meeting - this option is suitable.

The best option for buying is fashionable shoes, the heel length of which is 7 cm. I do not recommend purchasing products with solid soles, as they will harm the body, and regular use of such shoes will tire your legs. If full legs - do not buy stilettos. The best solution is to buy products with sustainable heels.

Exercise video

How can I lengthen only my legs? The exercise

Clothing for lengthening legs

As for clothes, to lengthen the legs you need:

  • wear pants;
  • do not wear breeches;
  • choose the right skirts;
  • remember about dresses;
  • choose the right color of clothes and a picture on it;
  • select suitable accessories.

Clothing should match the color of the shoe.

This primarily relates to tights. It is worth abandoning contrasting solutions, which are characterized by bright colors. If you wear skirts - perfect if they match the color of the shoes. Buy shoes and clothes with this factor in mind and achieve the result.

Color Matching

I recommend combining the method with the previous one for a noticeable effect. Choose the top and bottom of the clothes in one color scheme. This is stylish and allows you to visually lengthen your legs.Avoid color schemes that create a visual separation of the figure into the lower and upper half. At the same time, give preference to fashionable colors.

Striped clothes

If you like original and stylish clothes - sort out the wardrobe and find clothes with horizontal lines. Give it up. Lines make the figure complete. Such clothes are suitable for tall and thin girls who need to seem fuller. Low recommend excluding such clothes from the wardrobe.

Do not wear breeches!

Breeches are a stylish element of the wardrobe, which is practical and convenient, but for owners of short legs it does not fit well, as it visually shortens them. If the breeches have side pockets - you most likely noticed that you look fuller in them. Also exclude from the wardrobe corduroy items that have the same feature.

Wear pants

If you wear pants that match your figure, they will create the effect of long legs. Wear trousers with stripes, flared trousers, denim pants with vertical seams, trousers in dark colors with arrows. Select the length so that between the shoes and trousers there are no solid gaps. Wear socks to match the color of your shoes.

Choose skirts wisely

For women with short legs, I recommend excluding long skirts from the wardrobe. If there are no problems with being overweight, wear short models, however, I consider the purchase of knee-length skirts the best option. Such skirts will make the figure slim. Additionally, such clothes are comfortable.

Do not forget about dresses

The best solution for dresses will be models that are a little tight. Prefer simple but elegant dresses without noticeable seams in the waist area, which focuses on this part of the body. Combine dresses with high-heeled shoes. If you don’t like such shoes, comfortable and low ballet shoes will do. Deep neckline visually make you lower. Therefore, if you dream of long legs, give up such dresses.

Give up wide belts

Use thin models that complement the external image and do not create the effect of short legs.

The tips presented here will help. Combine them to achieve results. Having experimented, you will find the optimal accessory that will allow you to look beautiful, attractive and feel confident.

HOW TO EXTEND LEGS - 1. How to make your legs longer

If the recommendations are not enough, try a set of exercises.

Leg extension exercises

Before doing the exercises, I advise:

  • visit a doctor to find out the state of health and the possibility of physical activity. The doctor will provide a lot of tips that will improve the effect of exercise;
  • prepare for classes by warming up and stretching your muscles to avoid injuries.

The first type of physical activity is run. Running for half an hour allows you to look slim and make your legs longer. Gradually, I recommend increasing the load, because this way you will improve the result. Choose your own jogging spot. If you have a treadmill, run at home, but jogging outdoors is more beneficial.

Leg Extension - 2 (exercises)

First exercise

Exercise number 1 spend after jogging. A little jogging is an ideal leg workout that speeds up blood circulation and prepares muscles and joints for training.

Exercise in a high chair so that your feet do not reach the floor. Use weighting agents for legs. In the first training session, one kilogram per foot is enough. Subsequently, gradually increase the weight to 4 kg. I advise you to sit on a chair in this position for as long as possible. It may seem that it is not difficult, in fact it is not. Make sure that the weighting agents do not disturb the blood circulation, because health comes first.

Second exercise

The exercise is aimed at stretch improvement. Sit on the floor and connect your feet so that your knees resemble wings. After that, move the “wings” with increasing speed. Next, try to lie on your feet. You will feel muscle pain, in this position hold out for 10 seconds.

Exercise for stretching - lunges with dumbbells. Suitable for stretching muscles and swapping hips. Do 10 lunges on each leg. Do lunges deep, which will enhance the result. I recommend 3-4 approaches.

There are many exercises for stretching. Choose the ones that work best, because only you know the effect of training.

Third exercise

Perform the third exercise before bedtime. Warm up with squats, jumping rope or other warm-up exercises. Then put on weighting agents of 1-2 kilograms and exercise your legs with swings at a fast pace. I recommend swinging the foot back and forth and left and right. In total, do 8 strokes on each side with each foot.

Fourth exercise

Do the exercise after the third. It's simple - walk on your toes. Walking around the apartment on toes is safe. Exercise helps lengthen legs and stop slouchingimprove posture. To increase the load, put a book on your head and walk with it so that it does not fall.

Fifth exercise

Exercise will help to lengthen your legs and learn how to defend. It involves kicking. The exercise is complex and for efficiency it is necessary to know the technique of execution. Not everyone is engaged with a coach, and therefore online lessons will help to master kicking. If you have friends who are engaged in martial arts - they will teach you how to strike.

In the exercise, I advise you to use weighting agents. It will be hard.

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The exercises considered have many advantages. They are universal and suitable for everyone. Training is carried out at home. This is available, because there is no need to spend money on the purchase of special funds. Stick to your class schedule and increase your workload. As a result, lengthen the legs and you will become more beautiful.

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