How to quickly grow in growth at home

Tips for growing fast

There are different ways to increase growth. You can quickly grow in growth through medicine or naturally. Growth is increased by eliminating scoliosis or correcting defects in posture, depending on the characteristics of the person.

This path at home is not easy and long, it will take a lot of time to get the desired results. But those who are goal-oriented and clearly set a goal will overcome difficulties and achieve their goals.

Statistical data

Scientists claim that the smallest were Neanderthals living in the Stone Age. Growth was barely 160 cm. According to archaeologists, Cro-Magnons turned out to be the tallest, resembling modern people and growing to 183 cm.

The Middle Ages once again made changes in human growth, judging by the finds of human remains or knightly armor. Scientists suggest that the growth of medieval people was 160-170 cm.

In the XXI century, the average height of men is 172-176 cm, women - 162-164 cm. Girls grow up to 19 years, and boys - up to 22. Noticeable changes in growth are observed in the first year of life, during which time growth increases by 25 cm. The next stage is 4-7 years old, and during puberty - 11-16 years old for boys, for girls 10-15 years old.

It's important to know

  • During puberty, a visible growth spurt occurs.
  • In adolescence, the body does not have time to build muscle and grow muscle increase weighttherefore teens look too thin.
  • In adolescence, you can not go on a diet and starve, it is dangerous for the body, especially for the brain, which during the period of fasting does not receive nutrients.

Growing fast, eating right

Proper and nutritious nutrition is the basis of fast and healthy growth. Standard basics of proper nutrition: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Let us consider in more detail what should be included in them.

Breakfast. Basic food throughout the day. Breakfast is a must. The body after sleep is relaxed, easily accepts and assimilates the beneficial substances that come with food. Breakfast is a guarantee of vigor for the whole day. If you want to grow up, eat cereals in milk: buckwheat, pearl barley, corn, rice, oat.

Eating porridge in the morning will be beneficial. Whole grain bread, tea, coffee, freshly squeezed juices are allowed at breakfast.

Some prefer breakfast cereals, stars, etc., which are filled with milk. They either do not have any growth promoting nutrients at all, or they are negligible. It is better to refuse such a breakfast, and add cereal to the diet in order to diversify.

Dinner. During lunch, eat protein and vegetable foods. Lunch traditionally consists of the first, second, dessert and drinks.

Soups nourishing and easily absorbed by the body, improving digestion. Soups have a lot of nutrients. Soup does not affect growth, but activates the metabolism in the body, which is important. Useful vegetable soups and mashed soups. Soups from bouillon cubes should not be cooked, they contain harmful substances.

Of vegetables, carrots, cabbage, legumes, herbs, celery, onions, and rhubarb are useful. Of fruits and berries, preference is given to bananas, oranges, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. It is recommended to eat at least 1 kg of vegetables and fruits per day.

Of meat choose low-fat varieties, poultry, liver, kidneys, fish. Meat is better to boil than to fry. Dairy products: cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, milk, kefir, cheese.

Lunch should be varied and nutritious, portions small and within reasonable limits.The main thing is not to overeat.

Dinner. You can’t go to bed hungry, but you should not eat too much at night. Fatty and fried foods at night are not recommended. To help increase growth, it is advised to dine with dairy products, for example, cottage cheese with honey, sour cream, cheese or kefir. They recommend eating boiled eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Some, to grow up as soon as possible, prepare a cocktail based on milk and eggs. For 2 cups of milk, take 1 fresh raw chicken egg (quail can be used), beat with a blender and drink the mixture during the day.

Video tips

How to increase growth

Physical exercise

Without exercise, using only nutrition, it is impossible to grow.

The reason for the small growth is considered to be a violation of the hormonal system, which is changed with the help of exercises for growth zones.

The growth methodology of the trainer of the USSR V.A. Lonsky

Before the exercises, a 10-minute warm-up and run. Then the exercises, which the coach advises to take 25 minutes. These are swinging legs, tilting back and forth, left and right, circular movements of the hands (pre-stretch the hands and elbow joints). Stretching exercises, try do the splits. Each exercise is performed 10 times.

  1. Classes on the crossbar. Hang on the crossbar 4 sets (two with a weight of up to 10 kg), each for 30 seconds. Then hang upside down on the bar (legs attach with special straps), 4 sets, each for 20 seconds. One of them with a load (5 kg), the load is pressed to the chest.
  2. Fifteen minutes are allotted for high jumps: 2 sets of 12 jumps on the left and right foot and 3 sets of 12 times in both legs. Try to bounce higher. A jump rope is suitable for jumping.
  3. Then a game of volleyball or basketball (30 minutes). During the game, try to take all the overs.
  4. At least four times a week, in the evenings, stretching exercises. Rubber straps are suitable for stretching. Tie one to the legs, the other under the arms and pull to the sides. Exercise do 5-10 minutes.
  5. Swimming. Improves cardiovascular function and respiration. During swimming, all muscle groups work, the spine gradually stretches. To increase human growth swim 2-3 times a week in one session.

Video how to grow by 5-10 cm in 8 weeks

Sleep and grow

A sound, healthy and proper sleep will be the key to success in increasing growth. In a dream, the body produces growth hormone.

Recommendations of specialists and doctors about the rules of a good and healthy sleep.

  • Sleep in a ventilated room, where it is quiet and dark. People live in cities where noise levels are high, and at night lanterns illuminate the streets and this makes the room light. A person gets used to it, but it does not contribute to sleep. It is recommended to use earplugs for ears, and hang on windows curtains from dense fabric.
  • The bed should be hard, so the spine is more comfortable. You won’t be able to sleep on a soft bed. Excessive softness will remove sheets of plywood, laid under the bed and orthopedic mattress.
  • The situation in the room should be comfortable for sleeping. The bedroom should be comfortable, the bedding is beautiful and clean. A good night's sleep on dirty gray sheets is doomed to failure.
  • Volumetric pillow will not work. Scientists say that a person should sleep without a pillow in order to improve blood circulation. To increase growth, sleep on your back, put the pillow not under the head, but under the knees, which are slightly bent. It’s a rather strange situation, and getting used to it is not easy, but there are many benefits from it. During sleep, do not push your knees to your chest and do not curl up, it makes breathing difficult due to a decrease in air flow to the lungs.
  • According to scientists, an adult needs only 6-8 hours to get enough sleep. But it all depends on the body. 5 hours are enough for someone to rest, and 10 hours for someone to feel fresh and cheerful. During the period of intensive growth, the body needs more sleep, so teens are recommended to sleep at least 10 hours. Those who are older, from 16 to 25 years, will need less time to recover, it’s enough to sleep 7 or 9 hours.
  • It is advisable to observe the sleep schedule - go to bed at the same time, and not midnight. The ideal time for sleep is from 23 to 2 hours. If you miss the time, the dream will not work out healthy and strong, and in the morning the person feels “broken” and tired. Shaolin monks say that you need to go to bed at 21 o’clock and get up at 7 in the morning, neither earlier nor later. They found that during this period the body recovers faster. To fall asleep, drink a glass of warm milk with honey at night, which calms and nourishes the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Finally, I will dwell on some points. Do not forget the tips are individual. Go to the doctor, get advice on loads, because excessive zeal will only harm. No one will say whether a person will grow up or not, but if there is a desire and desire on the way to the goal, everything will work out! Good luck to you!

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