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In today's article I will tell how make pancakes in milk, water and kefir. Everyone knows from childhood about this delicacy, but the history of the origin of the dish remains a huge secret for many. I will open the veil of secrecy and consider the history of pancakes at the end of the material.

How to make pancakes in milk

Beautiful fruit pancakes

Pancakes are a simple dish in terms of cooking. Traditionally pancake dough knead on sour cream, adding buckwheat flour. Some recipes use yeast dough.

Buying buckwheat flour is not difficult, but it is not well kneaded and it has to be mixed with wheat flour in equal proportions. It takes several hours to prepare the yeast dough.

Sour cream in traditional recipes is included unreasonably, since the finished goodies are very satisfying. And given the fact that people eat them with sweet sauces, they become heavy and fatty foods.

Servings: +10
  • egg 2 PC
  • flour 200 g
  • milk 500 ml
  • vegetable oil 30 ml
  • salt 2 g
  • sugar 5 g
Calories and BJU per 100 g
Calories 147 kcal
Proteins: 5.5 g
Fats: 6.8 g
Carbohydrates: 16 g
9 minutesVideo
  • Mix eggs, sugar and salt in a bowl. Two eggs are enough. If you take more eggs, the dough will turn out rubber. Pour milk into a bowl with eggs and beat thoroughly with a mixer after mixing.
  • Add the sifted flour in small portions. This technique will saturate the flour with oxygen, so pancakes will turn out with a delicate and soft structure. The end result is a dough whose consistency resembles liquid sour cream.
  • Some chefs add baking powder or baking soda. According to them, these ingredients increase the quality of the finished dish. In my recipe they are not provided, because they do not bring much effect.
  • Lastly add oil and mix everything. Thanks to the butter, the pancakes will not stick to the pan during baking, which will facilitate turning and cooking.
  • Preheat the pan. Pour a little salt into the pan, and after darkening remove with a cloth and add a little oil.
  • Using a ladle, pour part of the dough into a pan. Immediately, slightly tilting the pan to the sides, distribute evenly over the working surface. Literally after 2 minutes, turn the pancake over with a wooden spatula.
  • After another 2 minutes, put on a plate. Similarly, bake all the pancakes. I recommend laying it out on a greased dish. Cover with a lid.

Now you know how to make pancakes with milk. If you have the secrets of cooking, I’ll be happy to read them. Leave them in the comments.

Serving hot pancakes is better with quince jam, berry syrup or thick sour cream.

How to make pancakes on the water

Lean dough on the water

Pancakes are a favorite treat of many people. Mistresses bake them according to recipes on kefir, milk, yogurt and water. I will consider the last option, telling how make pancakes on the water.

Pancakes cooked on water are a simple and economical dish. It is perfect for people suffering from food allergies and beauties who are looking for a figure and are afraid To gain weight.

  • Flour - 2 glasses.
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Water - 750 ml.
  • Butter - 100 g.
  • Vegetable oil - 0.25 cups.
  • Soda, sugar, salt.
  • Pour half a glass of water into an enameled or glass dish, and then add eggs, salt, sugar and mix everything.You should get a mixture of a homogeneous consistency.
  • Pour flour into a bowl, gradually, stirring all the time. Try to make the dough homogeneous and without flour lumps.
  • Pour in warm water and mix. Take enough water to make the dough resemble liquid sour cream. Add a little vegetable oil and mix.
  • Prepare a frying pan. For frying, a low cast-iron product with a convenient handle is suitable. On such dishes it is convenient to evenly distribute the dough and turn the pancakes over. Grease a frying pan with oil and heat.
  • Pour the dough onto the center of the pan using a cooker and spread evenly. The t-shaped stick will facilitate the task. Do as quickly as possible, since it sets on a hot surface instantly.
  • When the pancake is browned on one side, gently turn over with a knife or a special spatula. Put ready pancakes on a plate, greasing with butter.
Video cooking

Now you know well how to cook pancakes on the water. Using the recipe, easily prepare a treat. Will remain put on the table honey, sour cream or jam, call the household and serve dessert.

How to cook pancakes with kefir

A whole pile of delicious pancakes

Continuing the topic of conversation, consider how to cook kefir pancakes. They are great for breakfast or dinner. Russian cuisine has always been famous for lush pancakes and fragrant pancakes. Recall a wonderful spring holiday - Shrovetide. On this day, pancakes are baked and neatly stacked in large piles.

The technology of preparation based on kefir does not differ from the classical method. The ingredients are combined in the correct sequence, knead dough and bake pancakes. Ready-made pancakes can be stuffed. The most commonly used mushrooms, pork liver, minced meat and other products. If you like thick pancakes, pay attention to cooking on kefir.

Surely you have already tried delicate pancakes, which are characterized by a wonderful taste and excellent appearance. Many chefs try to recreate the dish in the kitchen, but the attempts fail. I will reveal the secret of making such pancakes. Using the recipe, you will delight the family with a “perforated” treat.

  • Kefir - 500 ml.
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Milk - 250 ml.
  • Flour - 300 g.
  • Soda, sugar, frying oil.
  1. Heat kefir on a gas stove or in the microwave.
  2. Break eggs into kefir dishes, add sugar with soda and mix. If you do it right, the liquid will begin to foam.
  3. Enter the sifted flour in small portions. After stirring, you get a dough that resembles sour cream in density.
  4. Add boiled milk. Thanks to milk, the dough will become more liquid.
  5. In a preheated and oiled pan, fry the pancakes on all sides to a golden hue. Each pancake is covered with holes. This is a merit of soda and kefir.

The finished dish goes well with jams, jams and condensed milk.

Video recipe

Pancake History

The pancakes were invented by the Eastern Slavs, so they are considered a dish of Russian cuisine. Other versions do not agree with this opinion and are ready to challenge it.

According to the Chinese, the birthplace of pancakes is China. In reality, Chinese pancakes resemble ordinary cakes, and onions are part of the recipe. There is another controversial opinion, according to which the birthplace of pancakes is Ancient Egypt. But, the Egyptians used different technology and ingredients.

On the territory of modern Russia, even before the formation of the state, people prepared pancakes for the holidays. With their help, sacrifices were performed and fortunetelling. Slavic cooking technology is practically no different from the current version. The only exception is the filling.

The pancakes were liked by the British, who experimented with the ingredients and achieved a fantastic result.

The Germans and French cook very thin pancakes. This is due to the desire to save the figure.At the same time, they generously fill the dish cognac and other alcoholic drinks.

Eastern European pancakes are large. Even one Czech, Slovak or Romanian pancake is enough for saturation.

The pancakes that are cooked in South America are the thickest. They are served at the table with sour and bitter sauce. The dough is based on cornmeal and butter cream.

Useful Tips

Each housewife in her own way approaches the preparation of pancakes using secret recipes and favorite dishes. Novice chefs are sure that this Russian dish is prepared simply. When it comes to cooking, nothing happens. The end of the article I devote to the secrets of cooking delicious pancakes.

  • Before cooking, be sure to clean your thoughts, wash your hands, put on a beautiful apron, turn on the music and concentrate. Nothing should impede cooking. On a clean table should be present those ingredients that are needed to prepare a masterpiece.
  • Sieve flour several times without fail. So it will be saturated with oxygen and air pancakes will turn out. Pour water, milk and other liquids into flour. In this case, be sure to add vegetable oil to the dough. Otherwise, the pancakes will stick to the pan.
  • A cast iron pan is the best cooking utensil. It must be warmed up and thoroughly greased with oil. Pork fat is also suitable for this purpose. During frying, grease the frying pan as needed.
  • The first pancake is an indicator of the readiness and proper use of ingredients. Be sure to try it to find out what to add and how to fix the taste.
  • When cooking pancakes, do not depict the statue. A dish requires creativity. Carefully lift the pan and pour the dough in a thin stream. Rotate the pan constantly to evenly distribute the dough.
  • The beauty of the finished dish directly depends on the distribution of the dough and the turning of the pancake. Experienced culinary experts turn over the delicacy, tossing it in a pan. If you want to master such a technique, you will have to practice. Over time, learn how to bake pancakes simultaneously in several pans.
  • The last secret. Bake pancakes before a meal. Only in hot form are unsurpassed taste and aromatic qualities preserved.

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The article has come to an end on how to cook pancakes in milk, kefir and water. With what to serve dessert, you decide. It all depends on your mood and finances. Pancakes are ideally combined with jam, pate, sour cream, shrimp, butter, caviar and other products. See you!

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