How to clean a carpet at home quickly and efficiently

How to clean a carpet at home

Carpet - an indispensable element of the interior of the home, creating coziness and beauty. The question of how to clean the carpet at home quickly and efficiently excites the minds of many housewives. I will answer it and tell you how to effectively remove various contaminants from the carpet.

Carpets, in addition to advantages, have one “bad habit” - dust accumulation. So that the carpet does not earn a reputation as a “dust collector” and maintains its original appearance for a long time, take care of it properly, observing the simplest preventive measures.

  • Periodically remove dust from the surface of the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is recommended at least twice a week.
  • Carefully knock the carpet out several times a year. In winter, it does not hurt to clean with snow.
  • If a stain appears on the product, it is necessary to start the removal immediately.
  • To eliminate stains and other contaminants, use special or folk remedies. The main thing is that they are effective and completely safe for the carpet product.
  • I recommend eliminating the remnants of the cleaning agent with a damp cloth or brush, of moderate hardness. At the end, wipe the treated surface with a dry cloth and dry the carpet. Use hair dryer I do not recommend. It is better if the product dries naturally.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. To clean the carpet, it is customary to use only cool or slightly warmed water. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Warmer water or boiling water will ruin the coating.

Folk Carpet Cleaners

Beautiful rainbow carpet

Each carpet product loses its original appearance over time. Of course, in the store there is an excellent replacement for the old carpet, but financial costs will be required. But, often the carpet serves as a memorabilia, reminiscent of some event, and there is no desire to throw it away. In this case, folk remedies for cleaning the carpet will help.

People have been using carpets for a long time. For many years, craftsmen have learned to restore the appearance of carpets with improvised means that, when used correctly, are not inferior in effectiveness to the purchased chemistry. They help decently save, which in our time is extremely important. In the article I put together the most effective ways.

  1. Soda. Easily absorbs odors and absorbs dirt and dust. Sprinkle five tablespoons of baking soda at the place of contamination, and after half an hour collect with a vacuum cleaner. Soda will clean the pile and give a neat appearance. Grated potatoes and starch provide a similar effect.
  2. Ammonia. Excellent stain remover. Dissolve a spoonful of washing powder and 20 milliliters of ammonia in a liter of water. Cover the contamination with the resulting composition and brush it with soft bristles, then wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it.
  3. Lemon juice. A formidable weapon against persistent pollution, including dried dirt or ink. Clean the juice in its pure form and wait a few hours. Next, treat the cleaning site with a sponge dampened in warm water and dry the carpet.
  4. Vinegar. Great for removing surface stains. Combine three tablespoons of vinegar with a liter of water. Using a brush, with a vinegar solution, clean the problem point with intense movements. To eliminate the characteristic odor, air the carpet after cleaning.
  5. Laundry soap. Cope with any stains.However, in order not to spoil the carpet product, I recommend using a soap solution. Dissolve 5 grams of soap in 500 ml of water, treat the dirt with a solution, wash it slightly and wipe it with a wet rag.
  6. Salt. Sprinkle the contaminated spot on the carpet with salt. A little later, remove with a broom dipped in soapy water. The carpet will be fresh and clean.
  7. Sauerkraut. Some people use cabbage for a side dish. to meat, others struggle with it with spots on the carpet. Scatter the cabbage on the carpet and wait a bit. You will notice that it will begin to darken. Swirl dark cabbage with a broom, rinse under water and repeat the procedure. Continue until the color stops changing.
  8. Welding. Scatter the brewed tea leaves on the carpet and wait a third of an hour. After welding, remove with a brush or a broom. I recommend checking this tool on a subtle fragment of a carpet product, especially if it is light.

Video carpet cleaning folk ways

How to quickly and efficiently clean a carpet, rug, at home

The considered folk remedies are enough to eliminate the vast majority of stains and restore the appearance of the carpet. If in your case they turn out to be ineffective, household chemicals and special equipment will come to the rescue. I dedicate the following section to their use for carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Chemistry

Clean and refresh the carpet will help purchased chemistry, specialized and household products. I will review carpet cleaning with chemistry and provide information regarding its features.

The top of the popularity of carpet cleaners is Vanish. The kit includes instructions for use. Nevertheless, I will share general recommendations.

  • Before using Vanisha, the carpet should be thoroughly knocked out on the street or vacuumed to avoid stains after cleaning.
  • Vanish is concentrated, so it should be diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1 to 9. To clean the carpet, use the foam formed by thoroughly mixing the solution.
  • Foam to collect on a soft sponge and spread on the carpet. To prevent the fabric from absorbing moisture, clean it as quickly as possible. This does not prevent the foam from penetrating the structure of the pile and absorb dirt.
  • After rubbing, wait until the foam has completely dried. The main thing is that at this moment no one walks on the carpet. Ventilate the room to speed up the drying process.
  • During the final stage, gently brush the carpet and collect the remaining foam with a vacuum cleaner. After the procedure, the carpet will become like new and will decorate the interior again.

You can also clean the carpet with ordinary detergents - shampoo, powder, liquid soap. Mix the selected product with water. To clean the carpet with the resulting foam.

We clean the carpet at home.

Before cleaning, the carpet will not hurt to hang, which will greatly facilitate the work. On the crossbar, it dries much faster and retains its structure. If this is not possible, make sure that no one walks on the carpet while it dries.

We clean the dirty wool carpet.

Carpet in the hall

Carpet made of wool is a special kind of floor covering. It is beautiful, pleasant to the touch and environmentally friendly. True, if you do not properly care for a woolen carpet product, it will quickly lose its original appearance. I will give step-by-step tips for cleaning a dirty wool carpet.

It is recommended to clean wool carpets with a washing vacuum cleaner, a soft brush and a special tool for flooring made from natural fabrics. If the carpet is looped, do not use a brush.

  1. Periodically carry out dry cleaning of the product, once a year, thoroughly knock out the carpet on the street. Knocking out until debris stops pouring and dust flying out, this is enough to preserve the appearance of the carpet.
  2. If dirt appears on the surface of the wool carpet, it is better to use coarse salt to eliminate it. Sprinkle a carpet product on it, and after half an hour sweep it off with a wet broom.
  3. Wet cleaning is carried out monthly with a special foaming shampoo for woolen carpets. Using ordinary detergents can cause a change in the structure or color of the carpet.
  4. Wet cleaning should end with dry cleaning. Do not rub a carpet of wool against the pile. Try to remember forever that such carpets do not make friendships with hard brushes.

If the house has a wool carpet, no doubt, you are a true connoisseur of comfort and coziness. To make the carpet pleasing to the eye, take care of it, observing the above recommendations.

Cleaning different types of carpets

Carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

The tools discussed earlier are not universal. Carpet products differ in structure and material. Therefore, cleaning different types of carpets has certain features.

Natural materials

Cleaning carpets made from natural materials should be extremely gentle. Silk is not friendly with moisture, so only a vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning. Sheepskin fur or wool is cleaned with soda and a soft-brushed brush. Carpet made of natural material is cleaned as often as possible, otherwise mold, fungus or moth may appear.

Synthetic materials

Synthetics are unpretentious, but not durable. Over 5 years of operation, the product becomes crumpled and groomed. Furniture and heavy items on synthetic carpet leave marks. This is due to the fact that the pressed pile poorly restores the structure. A soda solution is suitable for cleaning synthetics.

Long pile

The longest carpet is the hardest to clean. Wool, hair, dust and debris easily get to the bottom of the pile. Even a washing vacuum cleaner does not always succeed in achieving a good result. To eliminate impurities, it is recommended to use soap foam, which deeply penetrates and dissolves dirt. All that remains is to vacuum the carpet.

Short pile

Short-haired carpets are the most common. To restore the original appearance of the product, dry or wet cleaning is used. Short pile is unpretentious, it is cleaned quickly. To revitalize the color, use a mixture of ammonia, shampoo and water. After processing, dry and vacuum the surface.

Light pile

Light pile carpets cannot be cleaned with lemon juice, otherwise yellowness may appear. The best way is household soap. A high-quality soap solution in two to three hours will eliminate all stains.

Dark pile

Dark pile carpets cannot be cleaned with potatoes, soda or starch. Of course, these funds will help the disappearance of contaminants, but they will leave behind light hard stains. The best tool is ammonia, which removes stains and makes the pile softer.

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I told you a little earlier how to wash wine off the carpet. Familiarization with this material will not hurt, especially if feasts, parties and other events are held in the house. I hope that thanks to my advice, you can clean carpets at home quickly and easily. See you!

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