Where to start repairing a kitchen in Khrushchev

We prepare the apartment before repair

Hello dear readers! In the article, we will consider where to start repairing a kitchen in Khrushchev. In the middle of the last century, panel houses were massively built according to standard designs. At that time, the Soviet Union was led by Khrushchev, they were called "Khrushchev."

The purpose of the construction was to allocate to citizens, faced with the grave consequences of the war, a tolerably well-maintained living space. Apartments in such houses did not differ in enviable comfort, and were characterized by adjacent rooms and small kitchens, the area of ​​which is within 5 "squares".

In addition to modest cuisine, in the Khrushchev low ceilings. Communications are laid over the walls. At the same time, the internal and external walls are concrete panels. Kitchen repair in Khrushchev has features. If you become the owner of such an apartment and are interested in how to repair the kitchen, the following tips will help.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

  • The area of ​​the kitchen in Khrushchev rarely exceeds 5 square meters. Therefore, while working and creating a design, strive to preserve every centimeter.
  • The ceiling height in the apartment is an average of 2.6 meters. Align ceilings in several ways, but stretch ceilings are best suited. They will take a few centimeters, hide irregularities and will last at least 20 years. Before installation, no repair of the base is required.
  • Exterior walls in panel Khrushchev are famous for poor thermal insulation. I advise you to insulate housing using modern technology. Do not forget to coordinate the issue with representatives of housing and communal services and neighbors.
  • If you planmake a drywall ceiling and complement with decorative skirting boards, discard the idea. Lose scarce centimeters, and a similar decor will visually reduce the space.
  • The location of communications in the kitchens of Khrushchev is extremely inconvenient. To increase the space, I advise you to transfer them. For work, get permission and bring in repairmen.
  • Another feature of the kitchen in Khrushchev is the small thickness of the inner walls of 4 centimeters. If you want to level the walls without damaging the space, use putty or drywall. Ideally, demolish and rebuild the old partitions.
  • Paul does not always need serious repairs. I advise you to eliminate defects in waterproofing, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Thick and heavy screed can not be used.
  • Install plastic windows and window sills. Then align the window niche.
  • An integral element of the kitchen in the panel Khrushchev is the mezzanine. How appropriate use is for you to decide. She eats up the space, but after a competent restoration will become a good decoration.

Video instruction

Khrushchev, repair of the kitchen. Ceiling, PVC-1 panels. "Washing" refrigerator - an attempt to change seats

The site has material that describes in detail apartment repair. Be sure to check out the article. She will tell you the correct sequence of work and ways to save money.

How to start repairing a kitchen in a new building

Having become the happy owner of a new apartment, people are thinking about repairing it. The task is not easy, because the new apartment is characterized by a lack of communications and decoration.

The first room to pay attention is the kitchen. It is customary to repair it after the arrangement of the bathroom. The kitchen is the most visited room. It is to organize power supply, water supply, ventilation and sewage.

In the kitchen, use good materials characterized by durability, resistance to wear and temperature extremes, and ease of washing. It's hard to imagine a kitchen without a convenient kitchen set.

It is fraught with costs, but I do not advise saving. Using cheap materials, save a few thousand rubles, and after 3-4 years, spend thousands to fix problems.

  1. I recommend starting repairing a kitchen in a new building with electrical wiring. First of all, determine the number of outlets. It’s better to overdo it in the question, since after the completion of work it is problematic to correct the shortcomings.
  2. Housewives use gas stoves in cooking, ovens, refrigerators and other household appliances. In the kitchen, many outlets will not hurt.
  3. When starting to finish your kitchen, remember that every surface in the room should be easy to clean. During cooking, steam from pots and oil from pans falls onto a surface covered with a layer of paint or wallpaper. Even neat cooks are not insured.
  4. There is an exit. Cover the space between the wall and base cabinets with tiles. The tile apron is easy to clean and retains its original appearance for many years.
  5. If you want to make an ultramodern kitchen, pay attention to the glass panels. With their help, you can easily organize a high-quality apron that will become an ornament. If equipped with LED backlighting, the kitchen will become a point of attraction in the apartment. Will staychoose furniture by color and style.
  6. An equally important stage in the repair of a kitchen in a new building is the choice of flooring. The floor, like walls, must be durable and easy to clean. Porcelain tile with excellent wear resistance is considered to be a solution for the kitchen. The material is cold, so I recommend installing a "warm floor".
  7. For the kitchen floor, inexpensive linoleum is also suitable. Laminate flooring will create a warm atmosphere. The main thing is to take care of sealing the seams.
  8. To finish the ceiling, some builders recommend the use of stretch ceilings, as they unrecognizably change the interior. Do not forget about the shrinkage of the house. A plasterboard ceiling will crack over time. Stretch ceilings are not threatened.

Video Tips for Beginners

The main stages of repair in the kitchen! Planning and priority!

Do not save on materials. They will have to spend money, but for many years of service, they will pay off the costs with a head.

How to avoid problems when repairing yourself

Repair is rarely without error. Not every owner of an apartment in a panel Khrushchev or a new building boasts skills and experience in decoration, and knowledge in the field of technologies and materials. People draw information from unverified sources, including neighbors, colleagues, construction sites.

You can avoid typical mistakes by inviting professional builders. But, as practice shows, the owners of apartments for some reason neglect their services because of the cost.

  • Some apartment owners heed the advice of their neighbors. They praise the materials purchased for repairs and the technologies used during the work. Do not believe what you hear. You do the repair, and the result depends on the proper planning of the repair and the procurement of materials.
  • Do not buy cheap materials. Low cost indicates that the dry mix, varnish or paint is expired or has become unusable due to improper storage in the warehouse.
  • Another error - speeding up repairs. If you are making a cement screed, it should dry, it will take a month. Beginners far from construction do not know this. As a result, the time saved turns into an additional cost of money.
  • Do not transfer process control to the foreman. It’s hard to find an honest person. Entrusting the reins of control, he can deceive, by manipulating with fake checks.
  • When making wiring, people incorrectly determine the number of outlets. The result is a refrigerator, dishwasher and kettle share one outlet.
  • Some walled plumbing valves into the wall.As a result, when leaking, you have to open the wall. This can be avoided by taking care of the free access to the taps.
  • During the repair work in the kitchen, keep clean, otherwise under the wallpaper or linoleum particles of garbage will fall that will adversely affect the structure of the finishing surface.
  • To get a smooth floor, make a cement screed as a whole, and not in separate fragments, like some craftsmen.
  • The laminate floor in the kitchen looks gorgeous. But I do not recommend using this finishing material. Kitchen - a room in which the floor is constantly washed. Under the influence of moisture, the laminate will lose its technical characteristics and will become unusable.
  • Before placing furniture, ventilate the room. High humidity contributes to the development of mold. BUT get rid of the fungus on the walls at home is not easy.
  • I recommend starting the kitchen environment with technology. It should fit in with the furniture. At the same time, determine the size of the furniture at the initial stage. As a result, get an idea of ​​free and full space.
  • The kitchen design project should include a hood. If you do not take care of this, in a year there will be a need for a new repair, since the lack of a ventilation system will help burning "work on the interior."

Having shown skill, ingenuity and patience, you will have at your disposal a kitchen that personifies peace and comfort. Using imagination, turn a room into a work of art.

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Competent design combinations will help to renew the interior, which will be a subject of pride. Do not be afraid of bold steps, experiment and make repairs with hope and enthusiasm!

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