Brut champagne - what is it?

Brut champagne - what is it?

Real champagne is sparkling wine, originally from the French province of the same name, and not ordinary pop, which is made in factories by pumping carbon dioxide into bottles. There is no difference if the manufacturer adheres to the original technology. What is brut champagne is a secret for many of us.

Brut is champagne, the manufacture of which does not use sugar or liquor as a sweetener. Malic acid, which is part of the wort, turns into lactic acid. Consequently, wine is not converted to apple cider vinegar, while maintaining a fresh fruity taste. Brut is the driest champagne.

Let's look at the presented question, but I propose to start with terminology. The French word “brut” has several meanings, one of which is “brutal”. Another word Brut is the French call unpeeled, unprocessed or uncouth things and objects. Can these epithets be applied to champagne?

The place where sparkling wines were invented was not Champagne, but Languedoc. The first ever drink with bubbles appeared in Lima in 1535 and immediately became incredibly popular. For this reason, winemakers from other areas have experimented with original technology. It turns out that it was the people of Champagne who were most successful in creating sparkling wines.

Many French experts have added something useful or new to the technology for making champagne. However, sugar was constantly mixed into champagne in those days. In 1874, Victor Lamber, the author of a unique fermentation technology, thanks to which brut champagne appeared, managed to eliminate this problem.

Varieties and characteristics of champagne brut

Residents of the CIS countries prefer semi-sweet varieties of champagne, in other regions of the planet brut is considered the most refined. Therefore, leading winemakers make a lot of efforts to make the drink drier. I will review existing varieties and characteristics of brutus.

  • Brut nature (extra brut, brut zero, extra-brut, brut-cuvé). In the production of this variety of champagne, sugar is not used at all, since it has a bad effect on the taste of brutus. For the manufacture of expensive varieties, high-quality wine materials are used. Residual sugar is obtained by fermentation. There are only 6 grams of sugar per liter of drink. Alcohol in such wine is not more than 10%.
  • Brut (the driest). The brut champagne variety is most prevalent among the rest. It is characterized by a low sugar content, at the level of 1.5% or 15 grams per liter. The alcohol content is about 10%. For comparison, in sweet varieties of champagne alcohol 18%.

According to wine lovers, there’s no brut after champagne hangover. He also has a rich aroma, delicate taste and rich bouquet.

Brands of Real Champagne.avi

Interesting facts about brutus

You can tell a lot of interesting things about any product or drink sold in stores, and champagne brut is no exception. The final part of the material is devoted to interesting facts, having familiarized with which, you will find out how much it costs to buy a drink, how to consume it, than to have a bite.

How much is?

You can buy such champagne in every liquor store. The cost is usually 250-2000 rubles, although there are often more expensive sparkling wines. The price is determined by the name of the manufacturer and exposure time.

Calorie content

Calorie per 100 ml of champagne brut - 64 kcal

Practice shows that after drinking this drink does not appear a hangover and symptoms of indigestion due to the minimum amount of sugar.

How to drink

Many mistakenly believe that a good sparkling wine the fault the cork should shoot, resulting in a lot of foam. In reality, an authentic brutus opens easily and hisses a little. Before use, it is cooled to 8 degrees, and it is recommended to pour it into tall glasses with a narrow neck. Drink in small sips, enjoying the taste.

Than have a bite

The choice of snacks is determined by the variety of sparkling wine and the amount of sugar contained in it. Brut matches perfectly with light desserts, fresh fruits, fruit salads and chocolate products.

Galileo champagne production video

Galileo. Champagne

On our site you will find articles that describe whiskey rules, cognac, roma, tequila, liquor baileys. I think that now at any time you buy yourself such a champagne, prepare it for use correctly and choose the right snack.

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