What to give for the New Year - ideas and gift lists

Best New Year Gift

New Year is considered the main holiday. It is filled with an atmosphere of joy and fun, and thoughts to give to parents, a girl, a guy, a child and mother-in-law. There are many options. You can get by with small souvenirs or purchase useful gifts.


  1. Gifts with a symbol of the coming year are always appropriate.
  2. Before buying, ask what you want to receive. If you want to make a surprise, choose yourself. Alternatively, purchase a piece of jewelry.
  3. Congratulate colleagues and friends with small souvenirs with symbols of the coming year. Magnets fit christmas toys, trinkets and other trifles.
  4. On New Year's Eve, please children with sweets and soft toys.

I propose to dwell in detail on each of the listed categories.

New Year's Gifts List for Parents

What to give parents for the New Year? Children are looking for an answer to this difficult question. If you think about it, then you intend to purchase at the same time an interesting and original gift.

  1. Living Christmas tree growing in a pot. The main advantage is that parents do not have to buy an evergreen tree. After the holidays, you can drop him in the yard.
  2. Snow-white lace tablecloth. Be sure to come in handy during a variety of family holidays for decorating the table.
  3. A set of porcelain or crystal dishes. Suitable for serving New Year's salads and other treats. The main thing is to choose a modern and original set of classic dishes for parents for sure is full.
  4. Lamp. If your parents have a private home, buy a garden lamp that will decorate the garden.
  5. Garden figures. If parents often go to the cottage, buy some garden figurines. They come in handy for New Year's decor plot.
  6. Hammock. Parents in the country not only work, but also relax. Organize a comfortable place to relax with a modern hammock.
  7. Frying pan. If Mama likes to stand by the stove, get a good skillet.
  8. Table lamp. At dad have a desktop? Table lamp - a chic gift. He will facilitate the work at a later time.
  9. Products Get a beautiful basket and fill it with all kinds of gastronomic delicacies.
  10. Certificates During the selection, be sure to be guided by the preferences of the parents.

I offered ten options for gifts for the New Year to parents. You select a specific one and do your searches. Do not forget, the main gift for parents is your care, love and attention.

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Choose a gift for the New Year girl

The task of finding a gift is simple. First of all, the girl has not had time to forget her childhood. Hence, she will be happy sweets, trinkets, soft toys. At the same time, at this age, she will appreciate gifts from a series of cosmetics, jewelry, and electronics.

  1. Jewelry. If you want to please your girlfriend, look at the jewelry store. Buy a bracelet, locket or earrings.
  2. Cosmetics. Get lipstick powder, perfumes, gels or other cosmetics.
  3. Electronics. If you have a decent budget, take a look at the department of mobile phones and tablets.If the girl already has such electronics, buy a handbag or a case for an electronic device. This gift category includes external drives, flexible keyboards, computer vacuums, and cup holders.
  4. Car gift. If the girl has a car, present a car coffee maker, company mats, organizer, covers, fragrance, car hanger or key chain.
  5. Sweet gift. Of course, an ordinary box of chocolates will not surprise the girl. But she will be glad to receive chocolate Christmas decorations. Looks great bunch of sweets and complemented champagne. If the girl is following the figure, hand in a fruit basket pre-decorated with tinsel.

Tips for guys


Choosing a New Year's gift for a guy

I represent several categories gifts for guys.

  1. If a guy loves nature, often leaves with the company in the forest or on the river bank - you are lucky, the choice of a gift is simple. Buy a backpack, knife, thermos or special clothes.
  2. Is the guy a fan of technical innovations and is constantly interested in the latest developments? Present him with some kind of electronic device: a mobile phone, a tablet computer, an ashtray that traps cigarette smoke, an electronic frame for photographs.
  3. You can give a young man a portion of positive emotions and a lot of impressions. If the guy is a fan of outdoor activities, go to the shooting range, jump with a parachute, ride a snowmobile.
  4. Do you want romance? Go together to a restaurant, massage parlor or for a walk.
  5. You can give cosmetics or clothes. The main thing is to make the right choice. If the guy’s tastes are poorly known, it’s best to present a gift certificate.
  6. You can please a guy with his appearance. Buy beautiful linen, organize a romantic dinner. Believe me, he will not forget this gift.
  7. If a man likes to eat sweets, give christmas cakeDIY cooked. With it, you express your own feelings. It is enough to arrange the cake accordingly.

Tips for girls


Girls, do not forget, the best gift is made from a pure heart, in which there is a piece of your soul.

Lists of gifts for the New Year to the child

It is difficult to find children who are indifferent to the New Year. Their holiday is associated with surprises and gifts hidden under a decorated Christmas tree.

Children sincerely believe in Santa Claus, and adolescents know that these are tricks of their parents. However, each child wishes to receive a gift.

Gifts for boys

  1. A seven-year-old boy will bring a lot of pleasure with a water pistol, a railroad, a race car, a toy machine, a tool kit, a board game or a constructor.
  2. If you want to make an expensive gift, buy an ATV. From such a gift, the little son will be delighted. The category of inexpensive options includes sets of magnets, musical instruments, binoculars, telescopes.
  3. Present a radio-controlled helicopter or a car to a ten-year-old son. A boy of this age will be delighted with the burning device, with the help of which he will create wonderful pictures on a tree.
  4. No less interesting for the son will be a designer who will assemble a typewriter, robot or high chair. If the child is fond of music, buy an educational guitar or castanets.
  5. Adolescents can be congratulated on the occasion by a complex designer, a large radio-controlled model that can be used on the street, a programmable toy.
  6. A young biologist will appreciate a microscope, a chemist will be delighted with a practical set.
  7. For a fifteen-year-old teenager, a game console, digital camera or mobile phone will be a good choice.

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Gifts for girls

Now the conversation will be about girls. During selection gift for daughter mom have to plunge into childhood.It is not surprising, because to remain an adult among many modern toys is unrealistic.

  1. For a seven-year-old girl, buy a bike, crib or stroller for dolls. If you want to delight the baby, give a present or interactive puppywho knows how to drink and make sounds.
  2. If the daughter is a real hostess, present an interactive kitchen. Such toys reproduce the sounds of frying and water. Of course, the cost of such a smart toy cannot be called democratic, but there are many toy refrigerators, irons, washing machines and other equipment.
  3. To the daughter of 10 years buy wooden furniture which will decorate a doll interior or toy ware which will allow to arrange tea parties. A good option is a toy sewing machine. She will allow the child to create designer dresses for dolls.
  4. If you want the daughter to develop, a mosaic, designer or puppet theater is an ideal option. Creative nature will be delighted with a modeling kit.
  5. At the age of thirteen, girls begin to be interested in creativity. Put under the Christmas tree a set for painting caskets, creating jewelry or handbags. At this age, young ladies want to look beautiful. You can buy baby cosmetics, an original umbrella, a beautiful handbag.
  6. A 15-year-old girl will choose computer speakers, cool headphones, an MP3 player, a watch or jewelry. Teenage girl is happy to receive for the New Year hair dryer, set of shadows, lipstick or other adult makeup.

The best gift for New Year's mother-in-law

Most often, men acquire mother-in-law high-tech devices. But on electrical devices, the choice does not end there. I will tell you what to give. Guided by tips, you will delight and pleasantly surprise the "second mother."

  1. Kitchen appliances. Try to combine the technological direction with domestic use. The ideal option is a slow cooker complete with a recipe book.
  2. Jewelry. A set of jewelry from a bracelet, ring, pendant and earrings. You can buy one expensive jewelry, for example, a brooch. When choosing, remember that women at this age love to wear bright and large accessories.
  3. Handbag. The gift can be supplemented with a scarf, shawl, gloves.
  4. Good tea. You can serve with a set of teaspoons, beautiful cups or a packet of sweets. Every time a mother-in-law will enjoy tea, she will remember her son-in-law.
  5. Technics. A laptop computer, mobile phone or camera. The mother-in-law may be far from computer technology, so present a small tutorial along with the main gift.
  6. Winter gift. Blanket, fur hat or a warm scarf. A good option is the beautiful pads that will decorate home interior.
  7. Unforgettable experience. A tourist trip, a trip to the massage parlor, a ticket to the sanatorium. Museum or theater tickets.

When choosing a gift for my wife’s mother, consider her hobbies. So you buy the perfect present. Hand it to him, accompanied by warm and affectionate words.


Take a piece of wrapping paper, place a New Year's gift in the center, collect the edges of the sheet and tie it with a ribbon. If you are packing a gift for a child, do it in another way. The method is suitable for objects whose shape changes easily - small toys or clothes.

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Place the item on wrapping paper and form a roll. Twist the ends and secure with tape. It will turn out a beautiful "sweetie."

See you soon!

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